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Answered: Find the upper and lower bounds for the following ...

Shouldn't you do your own homework? How will you ever learn? What about test day?

Answered: Got an email saying I had a trojan virus...is this ...

No way! Why would an e-mail alert you of such a thing? More likely they want you to click something, or pay for something. Sounds like a typical scam.

Answered: Can brake fluid clean fingernail polish off UGG ...

They say don't get it on the paint on your car, but I wonder what it will do to the leather? I guess I'd put it on an inconspicuous spot first to see.

Answered: Nature and Darwinism are given way too much ...

I thought Darwin told of how harsh nature can be. That Only the fittest will survive, how those who adapt are at an advantage, and all others will starve or die?

Answered: Rotor lost its mark

Every rotor I've seen has a key-way slot so it can only go on one way. What kind of vehicle is it?

Answered: I am having trouble with the screen on a game. The ...

Try holding the 'Cntl' button and hitting the + button

Answered: Looking for web page fron hot rod show march 4th

North St. Paul has a hot-rod show every Friday night. www.nspcars.com


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"Lewie, Welcome to AOLA."