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Answered: Dear, did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? I ...

Man, are YOU smooth! I bet you get laid EVERY night!

Answered: Recently I've had problems with the keys ...

I've seen that when the hard drive light is on constantly, like the computer is thinking so hard it can't think of two things at once

Answered: I am a disabled veteren in need of some ...

No problem. Where do I send the check? Or do you prefer cash?

Answered: Air Purifier???

Well, one thing you don't need is to pay extra for an Ionizer. They claim it's a good thing, but I heard a guy from the health dept. on the radio talking about air pollution, and he told how Ionizers ...

Answered: Qartar's encouragement to think

Exactly Bones! And when I do think, people think I'm weird.

Commented: About Lewie's answer

Thanks, this kinda fun playing the smart guy. We'll just have to see how long I can fool 'em...

Commented: About Lewie's answer

Well, that's cool Rosemary! Sounds like you're serious about this, and willing to do it yourself. So few people are like you. So many people are too scared to try something new. They think they'll ...

Commented: About Lewie's answer

Yeah, that film infuriated me too. It's like the corporate giants just mash the poor little guys into the ground, then when they have a problem they put they're huge team of lawyers along with the ...


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"You'll fit right in, Lewie. Let me join Ranger in welcoming you to AOL Answers. Nice to know ya...and I look forward to seeing you around. Sincerely, Faye"
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"Lewie, Welcome to AOLA."