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Asked: I want to choose a ceiling lamp

I want to choose a ceiling lamp, I should choose what color to match the white ceiling, looks more character?

Answered: What is custom LED lighting

LED ( LightingEmittingDiode ) lighting is a lighting emitting diode, is a kind of semiconductor solid-state light emitting device. It is the use of solid semiconductor chip as light emitting material ...

Answered: LED Light?

The LED fluorescent lamp and fluorescent lamp for comparison, the advantages: 1, energy saving. In 2, long life. 3, good applicability, because a single LED small in ...

Answered: What is cree LED turning light

The steering lamp is in motor vehicle steering around open to prompt the vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to an important indicator lamp. Steering lamp using xenon lamp, SCM control circuit ...

Answered: LED panel supplier

that is

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