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Hey! If'fin you didn't want the truth you shoudn't of asked the question.
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A tad older than my teeth but not quite as old as dirt..

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Answered: Timeline 1938 to 2010 To be used for my life ...

Well I'm really confused.. Not only have I not been able to understand your question (?) but I can't follow the responses either.. maybe it's one of my dense days (I have them occasionally).. Anyway ...

Commented: About unkabob's answer

Well, I'm with another, I wouldn't wanna experience either. I'm a old guy, gimme a break (no! not that kinda break)..

Commented: About oldephart's answer

Even my dog won't go that far (although his company has that tendancy).

Commented: About ~Jada~'s answer

That's awesome AND sweet Jada.. Don't ask me to try and out do that 'cause it just can't happen.. Now all we need is somebody to add the music to those lyrics (pleeze! no rap).

Answered: How to turn the sap off on a 27 inch combo ...

It's not anywhere on the t.v. it's on the remote.. You will need the remote to nullify the sap unless you get a technician to come out and manually take it off from the inside.. Know how to read a ...

Answered: What this mean if somebody i am under a influence ...

A bunch of crap! It would be as if I placed an ad in the classifieds stating I'm not responsible for my actions when I rob the first national bank tomorrow at noon. The person is still responsible for ...

Answered: Can a Bone Marrow Donor be a Smoker?

I don't think it would matter when it comes to life or death.. What would be your choice..?

Answered: How much should i spend on a baby shower gift?

Just something nice for the baby (about ten dollars).

Answered: Can a 10 year old a movie alone?

In a movie house, no and nothing beyond a "G" disney movie.

Answered: What if the paint on a deck is peeling off?

You'll have to scrape off the old paint before applying a new coat (otherwise as the old paint flakes it will take the new with it) also it will look tacky and won't last a season ..


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