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Hey! If'fin you didn't want the truth you shoudn't of asked the question.
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A tad older than my teeth but not quite as old as dirt..

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Answered: What hair color would look good on me?

It depends (a nice picture would have helped).. The length and thickness of the hair has a lot to do with it.. If it's long and not as blonde as you wished, then with light eyebrows a dark shade would ...

Answered: Do you have to give a shower present if you give a ...

What! now your gonna wimp out over ten bucks? Just tell her you don't like her and your sorry your her best friend.

Answered: Where to get a Temporary tire for a 2004 Malibu ...

Search wrecking yards for a similar vehicle with tires still on, then pull one off and check to see if the rim is the same diminsions, and Viola..! and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Answered: How old am I going to be when I die ?

Younger than you'd hope to be but older than you had thought.

Answered: Who are you ? Are you a friend of my father?

I don't know, do I owe him money? You know me, Think back.. Remember a while back when you got mono? Well, I was the oldphart who offered you my seat on the bus who's shoe you hurled on when you found ...

Answered: How do you figure out if your telepathic?

Have you heard somebody call you a pompous ass but when you turned nobody was talking? Do you know what somebody's gonna say even if they don't say it? Do you know what I'm thinking right now? Hey! I ...

Commented: About oldephart's answer

It was the same with Domes and 'A' frames.. The land actually depreciated (according to FHA) and the city fathers decided to limit those within city limits. Trailers are also illegal to erect unless ...

Answered: What time is it in the et time zone?

one hour later than the central, two in the mountain and three hours in the pacific. So, when it's 10:00pm in N.Y., it's 9:00pm in Texas, 8:00pm in Utah and 7:00pm in California. (Arizona varies as it ...


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