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Answered: My site has no backlinks

As linkbuilding is a skill that you develop over time. If building high quality and relevant links was easy everyone and their dogs would be ranking high in Google, right? The reality is quite the ...

Answered: Has Google ever shut down a blog?

Yes, if you are only a spammer.

Answered: Difference between a hedge fund and a mutual fund?

Mutual funds and hedge funds both pools investor's money into one larger, centrally-managed set of assets. The main difference is in legal structure and regulation. In the US, mutual funds are ...

Answered: Kids Websites?

It's natural for kids this age to want to act like they're older than they are. They're trying on different personalities, and books are a great way to explore what's ahead. Young adult girls' books ...

Answered: Hole in computer screen?

There is a way though of repairing a scratched LCD screen though that is inexpensive and very easy. All you need is Vaseline petroleum jelly to fill the scratch on the LCD screen. This very simple ...

Answered: What does 390.90 USD mean?

That is $390.99 or 390.99 United States Dollar or in short the USA Currency.

Answered: Which is more important when choosing the type of ...

First, you have to consider the location and your market of the products. I advice you have to make feasibility study first before putting up a business.

Answered: Economics

Macroeconomics can be best understood in contrast to microeconomics which considers the decisions made at an individual or firm level. Macroeconomics considers the larger picture, or how all of these ...

Answered: Tax Deduction Question

Well, it is better if you consult an immigration staff for that matter. That is the best thing to do. They knows best than the people here.

Answered: I've been using paypal for some time now and ...

Paypal is very helpful to me. It makes money transfer very easy. I haven't tried any service aside from Paypal.


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