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Answered: Longer than 72hrs.

I dont think so, the morning after pill is a high dose of birth control pills, for a few days, and is not inended to terminate a pregnancy. There is an abortion that is in a pill form that you insert ...

Answered: I am 22 years old and 2 months pregnant.

This guy obviously does not love anyone but himself, and souds like he wants his cake and to eat it too. You cannot make someone love you, and its not the babies fault, have your baby, go on with your ...

Answered: Am i pregnant?

if you got your period after having unprotected sex, you are not pregnant, but if you had unprotected sex after your period, you could be

Answered: How can i straighten my hair without a ...

you can use a regular household iron, or a hair dryer and a brush just be carefull not to burn yourself if you use the iron

Asked: Ovulation predictor kit

I bought an ovulation predictor kit, it had 20 tests in the package, i started testing when it said to do so, tests were negative for a while, then one day it was positive for lh surge. so I figured ...

Answered: Pregnancy

yes, if you have unprotected sex at all it is possible to be pregnant, i would say take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period.

Answered: Just wondering

probably not, the doctors tests are pretty acurate, maybe you should get an ultrasound, the earlier you get one the more accurate they are, but you have to be at least 5-6 weeks for them to be able to ...

Answered: Conception

count back 40 weeks from your due date, thats when.

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