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Tall and full of vinegar.

Been gone a long time.

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Answered: What could be wrong when you have purpleish on you ...

Depends on your Ancestry. Some vagina lips are blue, some black, some pink. If unusual then you got a problem. Yadja

Answered: How long does trace DNA stay on a person?

As long as there is a bone to your body. Yadja

Answered: What does it mean when god says the dispensation ...

He has had it. No more chances. Look and ye shall find, ask and it shall be answered, knock and the door shall be open. Yadja

Answered: What are men's beliefs about women's role in ...

Ah tis not good. Read the Qur'an. Look to the Middle East and the plight of women. Tis not a good thing. Will not be. Yadja

Answered: Why are the Baptist so against the Catholic ...

One has to wonder same book, same God. Ruling class has always brought discontent. Catholics ruled and the only ones with a city filled with secrets still untaped and they will not release them ...

Answered: What was the very first religion?

Cave drawings show us man/woman humankind have always searched for meaning. Wicca one of the first. Yadja

Answered: During a kundulini awakining I saw a skull I ...

Music is an international theme which usually means connection with the Devine. The skull is not a bad omen usually means without death of things in our lives there is no complete understanding ...


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