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Tall and full of vinegar.

Been gone a long time.

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Answered: How to stop a person who is gossiping from other ...

Sad question but true suppose listening to the word is not getting through perhaps you can't but you can ignore it. Yadja

Answered: Can wife ban husbands mistress from getting in her ...

By slapping her silly the slut/mistress would probably retreat. Yadja

Answered: What does black christians think of obama?

Most likely the same as any Christian with half a brain. Yadja

Answered: What do white doves symbolize if one flies by your ...

Doves come in pairs they mate for life perhaps it was a sign for you to think on yourself and your thoughts about your mate. Then again it could be as stated above. Yadja

Answered: Why is it bad to kill a unicorn?

They do not exist therefore you are living in a world that does not exist or perhaps you are killing a part of yourself. Unicorns were mystical, pure and precious in myth. Yadja

Answered: Crash and burn

Look to history say the little ice age before the Plague. It's all there. All the horror, famine, people eating people. A broken record and this is why history is important you don't know it, your ...

Answered: What is the difference in the usage of terms ...

Legacy is what you leave behind to mark your spot in history or in life. Heritage is your bloodline, your family history, name, circumstances. Sometimes our Heritage is enough to beakon our Legacy ...

Commented: About Rocmike3's answer

I am not as prevelant on Yedda as I once was however I am deeply grieved to know that Rocmike has left us and I certainly remember how we fought Muslims and Atheists and all we held as enemies back to ...

Commented: About Yadja's answer

Anselmogx13rq agreed with so much you just said however it is that Wicca the "Religion of the Wise" formed in Scotland was among the oldest belief systems in the world or so I have read. Wicca gave ...


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