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If my kids have a good life, I will be happy
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A working Father of 5, and Grandfather of 5.

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Answered: Living with your ex for the sake of your kids

OK - Thank you for the invite, JK. TS - It is a difficult situation. I know, because I have lived it for 10 years, now. Citrine; though it seems like the blame is being put on the child, it could be ...

Answered: What Should I Do Now?

You can love him all you want, Bee; but he is more committed to his addiction, than to you. I lived through many years of my own addiction; and the issues I created. Until I was ready to quit; it didn ...

Answered: What are we learning here on Yedda?

I would say what I have learned from my experience here is that "If you're going to play in the Sand Box, try not to resemble a Cat POOP!" I have made a handful of wonderful friends on here. I ...

Answered: Are platonic relationships possible?

Among mature people - yes. Friendship is the basis for every relationship; and if you know the other person has the same set of principles, then ultimately, what's best for your friend is an easy ...

Answered: Fabric size

An average is 30 5" pieces, but as Judy said; they can run from 4", to 6 1/2"

Answered: Music, Song, Country, Pop, Gospel, Artists, Talent Embedding was disabled, but here is the link

Answered: Fumes off Waferboard

Are you being induced? Good lord, FB; I didn't even know you were pregnant!


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"Hi Chucho... good to see you out and about here and Merry Christmas!"
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"Hey Chucho where ever you are: Quit working so hard and come on back to chit chat with us. You are missed. From Anna Sparky's Mom "