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i am pleased to share my idea, even not very persuasive. just for making you know someone is here caring. i have managed two sites. one is about coat, and other is shoe

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Asked: Help me to stop my bad habit

I often bite my finger nails unconsciously, anyone has good solutions to help me stop this bad habit? I once tried to paint nails, but seems no help.

Answered: Will I regret it if I move to another city in ...

You can't know before you try. Sometimes people like new and fresh enviroment to refresh themselves. Why not try some time to see if you can get use to that place.

Asked: Where would you like to choose for your honeymoon ...

Where would you like to choose for your honeymoon? I want to some tranquil area. Any advice!

Answered: Can i wear a flat shoe with wide leg jeans

Of course, if you think it's ok, then go on. I like this dressing way. Since it looks very casual.

Commented: About Elden's answer

Maybe. You need to buy a testing bar to check.

Commented: About gogo's answer

Thank you for the advice. May you good everyday.

Answered: Does she like me?

sometimes, one's feeling is not really right. maybe you have a little affection to her, so you will treat all her actions with this feeling. you may amplify her words and guestures. possibly she just ...

Asked: Color choice for my skin

i am in a little wheat color skin, which color of suit is better for me?

Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

Different people have different tastes. beauty for me is a feeling that expresses comfort and nature.

Answered: Who said, 'you do not love someone because they ...

nowhere to find out the clue. and this sentence should not impact you. becuase the comment is too subjective. beauty not only refers to apperance. we all know it. so just throw away this mind.


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