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Answered: Thay Lester Thay Lester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the OP wants to play "hide the weenie" he'll need a consenting chihuahua to help him out.

Answered: Please please, Someone ...

OP translation: "I'm posting 100 times a day under 15 different SNs! GODDAMMIT LOOK AT ME!!!!"

Answered: Easy Translation For All Greatbears Posts

Of course my posts require no translation since they all scream out "I am a teabagger moron asshole!".

Answered: Since we are so close to the election

No thanks, we'll stick with Nate Silver and the 538 blog. You know, math and science and shit. Stuff that your average Taco Bell drive-up window concierge isn't really able to grasp, yet it screams ...

Answered: Commondreams: lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Did I say pull a rabbit out of my hat? Sorry, that should have been pull that gerbil out of my ass.

Answered: How to be a good liberal

Speaking of the AIDs virus, I'd like to remind all of my bath house buddies out there to always practice safe sex. Being careful has allowed me to have sex with thousands of other gay men and stay ...

Answered: Sunday: Lib worship day

I forgot to mention how petey got his balls twisted. I accidentally flinched while he was giving me my daily teabagging.

Answered: Hey Anon/eatachutemonkey/occupyAVP

It's true - "we" are OWNED!! As sure and I'm sporting a chihuahua dick and can't even hold a menial job. If I wasn't OWNED why would I continue to start threads about other people and then post to ...

Answered: Liberal posters on this board

Yep - you got me. I am blowing the dog again. I always wanted to be able to lick my own crotch like a dog, but since I'm not flexible enough I just lick a dog's crotch instead. It's my nature.

Answered: Even the Urban Dictionary Knows Liberal Teabaggees ...

Actually, now that I think about it I'll just suck on my own ballsac like a hound dog. "Auto-teabagging". Slurp!

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