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Answered: How do I delete history of sites I've visited?

if you are using internet explorer,in the tools section it has delete browsing history

Answered: Should I take out extended warranty on 2012 optima ...

I wouldnt,they are pretty reliable and dont need alot of repairs

Answered: What kind of oil do i use in a 1967 polaris atv ...

I assume its a 4 cycle engine and not a 2-stroke.If so any good quality multi grade should work and use winter rated oil if in extreme cold climate.10-40w20-50w

Answered: Can Online Programs Prep Students for Real-World ...

They can give you all the backround and correct methods of a process,but hands on is the only way you will really know what is needed and how to do it.

Answered: How to bring a woman to orgasm without penis?

Rub the man in the boat,thats what gets her excited.

Answered: What is a 1978 ford F150 worth?

It all depends on condition ,miles on motor,ect.Ect. No more than 1000 bux unless its been fixed up and alot work has been done recently that you can verify.In that case i wouldnt go over 2000 tops

Answered: How to respond to a breakup letter?

Why waste your time? Its over nothing is going to change it

Answered: I have to leave my name, but does Child Protective ...

No they dont inform on who called them,part of their privacy act so people will report when they notice something.



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