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Answered: What are the presidental landmarks?

You can see the list of presidential landmarks here. Hope this answers your question.

Answered: Blue merle collies

It sounds like it would be a mix, but before you breed them, take an hour to go to the local animal shelter. Take a look at how many others think about bredding and where the dogs go when good homes ...

Answered: Should any polar bears be in zoos?

As a child, I loved going to the zoo. As an adult, I feel this may be wrong and harmful to animals to keep them caged. God didn't put animals on Earth for humans to cage them and put them on display ...

Answered: When is hbo going to replay true blood season 3?

Take a look at the official website to see when they plan to show reruns of the show.

Answered: What to use if not valtrex?

I'm not aware of there being anything else available that can be used to get rid of a herpes outbreak. You need to talk to your doctor to see about suppressive therapy if you find yourself getting ...

Answered: Would you pay to see Charlie Sheen?

What would he be doing? I cannot think of one thing he'd be doing that I'd pay to go see. LoL

Answered: Why is - l x l not equivalent to -x?

Here's an example why: - l x l not equivalent to -x is not always correct. Let's assume x = -3. - l -3 l not equivalent to -(-3). The absolute value of -3 is 3. Now apply the - and your answer is ...

Answered: What police department is in 33407?

This zip code is for West Palm Beach, Florida. The police department in that area has a website that you can see here. Hope this answers your question.