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Answered: Lowrance upside down screen

found on the web.... I too suffered the upside down inside out display issue. Lowrance told me to give the back of the unit a whack. Since no one would repair it, I had nothing to lose. It worked ...

Commented: About Bill's answer

I appreciate the offer Bill and I’ve been reading you and some of the more regular posters here as but I have a no email policy on aol that has served me well for years. From the looks of it and ...

Asked: Where did anon go?

haw haw

Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

As soon as his Commanding Officer was notified he ceased being AWOL and the CO should have ordered him back to the base with more than ample time to do so. The military will ensure he will face ...

Asked: How many spacecraft have left our solar ...

How many spacecraft have left our solar system?

Answered: How can i find the name of a song?

If you just start typing arbitrary letters in the google search box you’ll get close.

Answered: Why does one duck stand on another

They’re trying to get themselves in a row ?

Asked: How many people have ever been on Earth?

I’ve read a few sources that seem to agree around sixteen billion. The Earth has had 16 billion people on it in its history which means about half of the people that the earth has ever know are ...


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