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Asked: curved shower rod

Answered: When installing a curved shower rod, how far ...

Don’t know what you mean. If you can see my pick (not a great shot) I just mounted brackets on either wall and bent my rod to make a gentle 90. No pre-fab, I made my own and saved money using ...

Answered: Can i enclose my inground pool with screen and ...

Well sure you can. I can only guess at the price because my cage was part of the total pool cost but you’ll save a lot of money if part of the screen cage can be attached to the house or an ...

Answered: How to write a roast

copypasta from the web.... Brainstorm funny things about the guest of honor before you start writing your speech. Recall quirks, strange habits and amusing adventures the two of you share. As ...

Commented: About Lynn's answer

Don’t call the cops or you’ll get arrested for the delinquency of a minor even if you had nothing to do with it. Your kid is underage and drunk…the cops will only make this worse unless you think ...

Answered: How to purchase Seiko SLT009P Men's wristwatch

You give the clerk the money and they give you the watch. Tomorrow we'll go over putting it on.

Answered: How they remove a colon?

I guess the same way like they removed my post what's wrong with saying haw haw postcolonial?

Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

no someone else can do it I'm doing these in my head and only my logical side is having fun

Answered: How do solve an equation like this

y=3.60 3.60x2=7.2 3.60x3=10.8 10.8+7.2+4=22

Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

That's great 'ol Yeddar and I hope you never have a problem with it. But I'm gonna relate to the internets here what I have seen with my own two eyes. One friend is fine The other can barley ...


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