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Life is a blast! Don't blow it!
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Caring, loving person who loves life. Love the desert, palm trees and the ocean, sunrises and sunsets, nothing is more beautiful than the sun setting over the ocean. Love wide open spaces, good music and having a good time with friends.

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Commented: About ~American~~Patriot~'s answer (This answer is not available)

Quit crying. Just cuz your party lost the election. Never seen a bigger bunch of sore LOSERS!! Along with all the afterbirth you spew.

Commented: About samuside's answer

If there were a "divine" book written by a "devine" being there would be but one "religion" instead of hundreds, all with different teachings. I think the fact that there are so many interpretations ...

Answered: What is the first aid if a person with aids spits ...

Flush the eye with water. Shouldn't need to worry, aides is spread primarily through blood products.


Caitybug says:
"Thanks for taking the initiative and adding me as a contact. I look forward to hearing from anyone that feels Trump needs a muzzle and I hope to see you around AOLA."
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"Nice to meet you Suzyg..look forward to commenting with you..weedbychoice..kjforce"
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"Thanks suzyq for making me a contact, I'll try to keep you laughing.. And welcome to AOLa.. Let's all have fun."