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Caring, loving person who loves life. Love the desert, palm trees and the ocean, sunrises and sunsets, nothing is more beautiful than the sun setting over the ocean. Love wide open spaces, good music and having a good time with friends.

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Commented: About LindaRuth's answer

Ditto on that! Except for the half eaten parts, I wish she wouldn't bring them to me. I know she is very proud of herself and I tell her what a good kitty she is, so of course she brings them all ...

Answered: Mane n' Tail Shampoo

I've never tried it personally but know several women who do and they swear by it. Said their hair has never been in better shape. The ingredients in it are no more harsh than what's in your brand.

Commented: About jerome's answer

Trump and Palin are far from their two best candidates, they are just the most visible right now due to "reality TV," and the media. Both are a joke and neither would get a nomination from the party ...

Commented: About Bob Suffolk's answer

My first choices WERE Powell and Clinton. If either of them had run, Obama would be nowhere in the picture.

Commented: About lawbug's answer

That's the problem, and we certainly don't need an arrogant A__hole like trump making matters worse. What we need is something we will never get: A president that fights for the little guy instead of ...

Commented: About jerome's answer

Time to give it up jerome, you can post till your blue in the face and it won't do any good. These people have their minds made up and there will be no changing it til they come to their senses, if ...

Commented: About John Breese's answer

It's not Obama you fool, it's the entire US government. What do you call the senate, the house of representives, the legislature, non existent? They run the country, not the president idiot. If you ...

Commented: About jerome's answer

The news commentators already are fed up with their BS and are stating it publicly.

Commented: About jerome's answer

You might as well quit arguing with these misfits, nothing anyone says or does will convince them that they are all fools. Their minds are too far gone for reasonable thinking, you're just spinning ...

Commented: About jerome's answer

Ya like the FBI and the CIA wouldn't be fully aware of it. That's what gets me about these morons, they act like NO ONE else checked all this out when he ran. But that's the problem with bigoted ...


Caitybug says:
"Thanks for taking the initiative and adding me as a contact. I look forward to hearing from anyone that feels Trump needs a muzzle and I hope to see you around AOLA."
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"Nice to meet you Suzyg..look forward to commenting with you..weedbychoice..kjforce"
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"Thanks suzyq for making me a contact, I'll try to keep you laughing.. And welcome to AOLa.. Let's all have fun."