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I am Ramya, working as a quality analyst in one of the pharma companies. I like to read books and I am very much interested in occult science.

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Answered: I forget all things immediately after hearing.What ...

May be your concentration is very low. Try with meditation. Read more health related articles:

Answered: How Do I Gain Weight?

by eating high calorie and fat contained food. Read more health related articles:

Answered: Lung problem, disease or temporary illness?

It might not be a particular disease and may be a illness and do not get worried a lot, you will be cured in no time. Now a days doctors are so efficient that they can treat any illness and put them ...

Answered: Alternate names for massage therapy (i.e ...

masseuse I think, not sure. Read more health realted articles:

Answered: Does Breast Cancer Often Show Up In Both Sides?‎

No, it generally starts from one side. More Info On Cancer:

Answered: My daughter has just been diagnosed with a t ...

t-shaped uterus is the major cause for miscarrieages in early stages, and you have iUI also. If you are interested can go for surrogate mother but before that discuss with your doctor if there are any ...

Answered: How can I help my grandmother who suffers from ...

That may be probably due to age and also the food she takes. So take care of her food and also consult a doctor. Read more health related articles: ...

Answered: How to sleep better?

Meditation is one of the best solution for sleep disorder. More info on Insomnia:

Answered: What are the replication, transcription, and ...

Replication is nothing but the duplication of DNA. Transcription and trnslation are tha process that occur during protein sysnthesis and it is the central dogma. All these takes place during cell ...

Answered: Which is the best vitamin supplement that can help ...

Vitamin A helps and enhances eye health a lot. Read more health related articles:

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