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My humor is a little bit of the macbre/sarcastic, but never intentially hurtful. Since childhood I watched my mother laugh at herself and others. If you fell, stubbed your toe or fell in a mud hole after stubbing your toe, she would be in stiches. She always had a quick wit, (which I inherited) and a tender heart for those who needed it. (me to) Death took her away from me,but there are many times I can hear her voice, or notice a reaction to something that came from her first. I am an accomplished pianist, vocalist and composer. Though I am no longer interested in the pursuit of world recognition for my God given talent, I do enjoy listening to others. I am an avid kitchen chef and baker. Food in the house always gives me a reason to invite those I love and hold in high regard, to come and let us break bread together. I do not like to be around people of negative nature or of a pessemistic attitude. Those type of individuals bring out the worst in me (be it on the net-or in person) I avoid these kinds of persons at all times, period! By nature I am an optimist. (no I'm not delusional) Things in my past at times were very very tough! But I was raised to believe that, "these things too shall pass." I am aware that sometimes you have to go through some tough stuff.  (life's great quest) Thanks be to God I'm still here! I watched a lot of people that I have loved be taken away tragically. I still have a lot of question as to the why? And the beat goes on.

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"jd, I like your attitude about life. Welcome to Yedda. Hope you enjoy communicating and stay positive."
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"hey jd... thanks for always having good advice. i enjoy reading what you have to say. "
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"Take a sec and thank jd for helping"
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"Jd I love your questions and your sincere insight on things. Please keep bringing that here to yedda because we need that from time to time. Good luck and take care. :)"
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"Thank you for the compliments, jd. I don't know when you gave them to me, but they were just sent to me today. I appreciate your approval, Sweetie."
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"I enjoy your questions and thoughtful observations. I sure was decked when you post the superbeer, but 53 bucks a bottle? Incredible!!"
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"thanks jd. jp"
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"Happy to say something useful. Your question was a thoughtful and thought-provoking one."
Corrine. says:
"JD thanks for all of your compliments. I have a special place in my heart for those who have been harrassed by others due to unjustices. It is not right. A child shouldn't even have suicide even float in their minds let alone act upon it. Children go to school to learn and that should remain not to be intimidated by others. I feel so horrible for those families as well. Everyone no matter who you are is special and unique. They have a purpose and a place. I just wished these people will think about that before they do something so drastic. The minds must be so tormented they think there is no way out. Well thanks for all of your questions and the compassion. Take Care. "
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"Hello JD...and Welcome to Yedda. It looks as though you are a great new addition and a welcome one at that."
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"great advice, recipes were fantastic, thank you so much! :)"
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"I just got done reading your profile-impressive! One of my favorite things to do in life is to laugh, so welcome to yedda jd-may you continue to keep up the good posts, and keep us all laughing! "
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"Thanks to you also. It's always heartening to hear I've helped."
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"The same thing happened to me with caviar, jd. Fish eggs. I stood there looking at them too long. I just couldn't make myself take the plunge (note the water reference!). I enjoy your comments on Yedda a great deal. You are a wonderful addition to the Yedda family!"
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"Thanks for the compliment. I like your sense of humor. You make a good addition to Yedda."
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"Thanks for the compliment. It was very sweet. I love your question by the way and I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Welcome to Yedda and God Bless. With Sincerest Wishes, Corrine."
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"Thanks for the good words, jd, and I will continue to post...I have lived long enough to have gathered some truths and I will try to share with others whatever they can use...I look forward to hearing your positions on the issues."