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Ann Parker is a researcher, educator and believer in keeping healthy and vibrant using all-natural products which are safe and effective. You can visit her site

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Answered: My mother has recently begun suffering from ...

I'm going to give you a link that gives you the best options for natural menopause treatments , including a herbal remedy for hot flashes, which includes black cohosh. http://www.womens-health ...

Answered: Menopause

There are over 35 signs of menopause . The best way to treat and reduce menopause signs is naturally, as you will not suffer any side effects, and menopause is a natural life transition - after all ...

Answered: Best Exercise to Lose Abdominal Fats

For best results create a balanced program for abdominal fat burning by including 10 minutes of stretching, 10 minutes of aerobics, and 10 minutes of bodybuilding. Try to do this fat burning workout ...

Answered: How do you eliminate menopause symptoms naturally?

You can eliminate signs of menopause naturally with a 85-90% success rate using a combination of the following herbs, preferably taken together in one formula: Black cohosh - is a leafy, shrublike ...

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