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Asked: How does evolution work if there's no clue to how ...

Such a clue isn't - as far as I know - defined well enough in the teachings there are about how natural selection works. Darwin, though, may have thought there was God for that! How about that we ...

Commented: About frev's answer

You don't know me, and you are thereby clearly brainwashed into taking that for granted - and/or evil enough to enjoy believing their silly, awkward and weird lies about me!

Commented: About frev's answer

I am by not at all what you call me. And since you so strictly believe that, you are very much a brainwashed sect member. Or perhaps that's something similar and/or worse you are?

Commented: About frev's answer

I don't drink a whole lot, at least not nowadays! And I don't find that server number - or whatever - very interesting.

Answered: Are they sect members?

Possibly the people that seemingly quarrel are of different groups in the same sect.

Answered: Does The Term "Reversed Prejudice" Mean Prejudice ...

How come the person calling me a leftist is still posting? How come all other people giving me irrelevant answers and so are still posting? And how come the yedda-member posting all those porn ...

Commented: About PGroot's answer

Thanks for the references; I do feel they're enough. The assholes that pretend I'm just insulting you are totally wrong - and they're not after anything but vandalizing some natural questioning. I ...

Commented: About PGroot's answer

How are you sure about that? Any references?

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

How can you be imbecile enough to believe that you have a point with this repeated and sick asshole nonsense!? Whoever plussed you seems to be an imbecile idiot. And that goes, really, weather sicko ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

You are an idiot if you believe your own insinuations there! I am not called Tadpole, and I am not at all into politics. To the, fairly little, extent I have been it was only about environmentalism.


Nanadee says:
"hi ya thank you for your knowledge....i am not that smart but i enjoy reading what you have to say and isn't thatt how a person learns new things ? thank you and God bless...nanadee"