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I work from home, consultant on my time schedule and leaving a lot of time for recreation and relaxation. Yedda is just a digression/break from it from time to time. My work has been in different fields, thus I am well versed in numerous fields TRAVEL: Traveled most of the USA and some out of country; extensively in the East and West Carribian. Love Alaska, New England, Mountains of NC and VT and out west; spent one year traveling 27 states in motor home, plus much more motor home travel, that was one trip. FAMILY: Twice married, now single and not unhappy about that most of the time; I like my freedom and independence and dating.  My children are raised, professionals and self sufficient.  We are close but they do not live in my immediate area, but in same state. I consider duty to child rearing as our most important duty and family life as very important generally. EDUCATION, WORK & EXPERTISE AREA: I have substantial and varied academic and career/business backgrounds. My many and varied interest include: substantial knowlege/experience with:  law, economics, political science and politics, healthcare, psychology, sexuality, sociology and creative writing (fiction and poetry).   HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Reading, writing, travel, canoeing/kyaking and boating/beach activities (and sex) are my main means of relaxation. ENVIRONMENTALIST: ILove the mountains, the woods, the oceans, the lakes and rivers ... change of seasons and snow. I love animals and wild life. I spend part of the year in Florida and part of it in New England (or No. Carolina) and love the snow and the fall colors in the latter. From Florida to Vermont to California and Seattle/Vancouver (and all in between including the Rocky Mountains and parks and all the sites out there) ... from a lot of travel, sight seeing and experiences, I have learned a lot about people and places and I am intellectually curious and "stimulatable" ... so I absorbed a lot of what was to be discerned in my travels. ABOUT WOMEN: I've had my miles of travels in that regard too. "Can't live with em; can't live without them." Traits I like most in women are: sense of humor, open mindedness, intellect, openess and honesty; It's reciprocal, i offer all of that (and much more, of course) ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE: I am very altruistic in many ways and I like helping other people as much as I can and I have helped a lot of people (including strangers) over the years; I don't do it for any recognition, I do it as a humanitarian thing--just because its the right thing to try and lend a helping hand to others when you are able to That is the thing about Yedda I like best--I can try to share my knowledge or talk (post) to people to try and help them and I can do it quietly and anonomusly. I also don't waste much time proof reading, editing or spell checking ... fast typer and just let it go for Yedda and email etc. Just a return on time ratio approach. I am not trying to make connections via Yedda, but put an email address out there, on my profile, so if someone I reply to wants to reach me they can (as I might never see their reply comments on Yedda otherwise).

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Hey no fair .... you can't answer and then kill the questions ... that's cheating! LOL

Answered: Whats the zipcode of florida?

LOL ... well I gave your hometown and B.C. both a plug earlier too! It's been fun my friend; you don't give up easily!

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find a realtor who specializes in mobile homes

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You are lucky that CHARLIE did not send you to the library on that! lOL

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John is strong but I don't think even he could stand the pain of a penis birth.

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If Charlie gets mad, he can. Don't anger our Charlie!


Kds says:
"Thanks Rob i absolutely hate the fact of filing for bankruptcy. I've been in business for over 20 years, but when a company gross sales are an eigth of what they've been for 19years. It adds up, that's the only way out. I tried to send private message. It just wouldn't let me do it!!!! Thank You, Thank You!!!!! Kds"
terry says:
"Thanks for the response--hope you can help me some more"
jim fogarty says:
"Good responce.You are a good american.Nov.We will clean house. Both partys"
tre1129 says:
"Selling tvs in Haiti, that one was definitely funny! Keep up the good work! =)"
I am Sorry to all It really is Corrine. says:
" I think this person is sooo not helpful"
Michael Saganski says:
"Thanks, you already gave a great answer to a question I had. You're the best!"
Stacy says:
"Hi, Thanks for responding so quickly to my question of answering the difficult interview"Why were you fired"? I am new to this Yedda question and answer posts but I am quite enjoying reading other answers and questions. It is a bit relaxing! Thanks!"
nomo4 says:
"I liked your comment on what questions are asked during a psych evaluation. I sorta wished you answered in more detail though. But I appreciate your concern for those seeking help."
nascarchic says:
"I have been working on this project (or should I say trying to) all weekend. The harder I tried to figure out where to start, the more confused I became. lol So my husband says,"why don't you go to someplace on the web that answers questions?" I figured it was a long shot, but tried anyway. WELL let me say Rob you are great. You seem to be pretty smart, as well as well traveled. Thank you so much for your help. Trust me you haven't gotten your last question from me. hehe. I have 3 semesters left until graduation, and I am sure I will be back to say hey Rob. "
tul2007tul says:
"Very thorough answers! Thanks for being a part of the Yedda community! =)"
maraya says:
"HI ROB I had no idea my last thank you post & my long personal details would end up in your compliment box. OOPS SORRY ALL ! long read .cheers ROB keep up the good work "
wekitten says:
"Just wanted to say thank you for your answer to my question. i found it helpful."
Ranger says:
"Your a silly guy. But cool with an interesting profile. Thinks for the fun. "
maraya says:
"Thankyou Rob for your kind words .I have just read of some compliments you have received from others & I totaly agree ! I will say this,you are true sole to be admired. . Have a great day."
ConnellsGrl says:
"yes i am the one with the 5 year old wanting to file abandonment, yes i know it will cut off my child support i don't recieve it now, so it really wouldn't be a loss and i am willing to let it go, we are from the state of Ga."
Katherine says:
"Rob you are very informative and kind."
BabsNC says:
"Rob, you are a smart guy and your answers are usually "spot on". I enjoy corresponding with your and also reading your answers. Keep up the good work!"
maraya says:
"Thankyou for your reply on the 29th...sorry about delay .I am 57a late bloomer to i/net world .I feel realy stupid not understanding the computer language .I was a hairdresser- salon ownner for most of my yrs,then had a bad set back re/health etc.I realy dont have anyone to asked these day,s ,My 3 children are all grown &mostly travelling inc my long loved close friends are now all scattered around the globe.My 3rd spinal surgery 10 yrs ago did not have good result & I found myself on DIP pension my whole life as I knew it working, outgoing certainly never bored all suddenly changed .I am still lucky ,not in wheel chair but on lots of meds due to pain unable to work .I am a people person love a good conversation but these day,s rarely go out .I love to paint & told I have tallent so I am a beginner there as well&need help .I was aproached in my 30,s to paint & sold quite a few .but have no training .I got myself a lap top research oils .I was shocked to find out about the canvas / preperation involved etc I had no idea & the reason I joined this site as I can not sit to long to research & in need for quick answers on quite a lot of topics.It seems like you are a very caring person that likes to help others & takes the time to answer .I mentioned my details as i do come across stupid in my questions ,well now you know why .I am only new to all this inc typing my spelling is my worst asset a real shocker!I am german only had 3 yrs of education in AUST> ,worked 3 jobs at the age of 15.. I had planed to re/educate myself later stage in english but .well I got married to young instead ...thankyou again have a great day yours mariah PS not able to use spell check here ..sorry "
Katherine says:
"Hey rob I just posted a big excerpt of my book please read!"
Corrine says:
"I want to say thanks for all of your help and support. It is much appreciated and I read your "About Rob" you sound very interesting sooo yeah I wish you well :) Sincerest Wishes, Corrine"
charlie2911 says:
"Rob, you're flying up like a rocket here , be up there with Oron soon ,LOL"
Jess-c500 says:
"I did but its not really helping me and this is not homework its an assignment by choice i have looked up all of these websites you suggested and its not helping me like you are "
Jess-c500 says:
"Thank you so much for answering my question i have alot more to ask can you help me?:) "
AShoofly says:
"Rob, Always keeping us informed on the sports issues. With other interesting post also. :)"
kks17 says:
"Hi Rob, Thank you for the answer but where can I find a Haitian Church in Orlando?"
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hey Rob. I just wanted to use this new Compliments box to say hello and to let you know that I really enjoy your answers and appreciate your contribution to Yedda. I agree with your Yedda concept, by the way. Anyway, have a great day. -Anya"
Dawn says:
"I like it that you're always so nice to people. Even when passing criticism you're always very careful not to offend anyone, and you offer a very constructive way of modifying a harsh comment. I have personally learned from your way of handling an argument. Thanks!"
Bugsy says:
"Rob.....I read your yedda concept regarding good, poor and stupid questions. I approach Yedda the same as you. When I am stressed out I enjoy answering the stupid questions with stupid answers. I use AOL and used to enjoy the chatrooms but now all of them are full of filth and bad language. I am happily married and liked to go there just to chat. Anyway, I read your biography and it is nice to meet someone who genuinely feels the same way I do about Yedda. Keep on keeping on .....Bugsy"
~Jada~ says:
"Hello Rob, Just dropping in to say hello and to let you know that I enjoy reading your posts. Great advice and an occasional laugh. Wonderful combination!"
-O- says:
"Rob, this is just a thanks for all the nice things you say not only to me, but to all the posters on Yedda. Your candid, but light and thoughtful responses, plus your great sense of humor always making reading your thoughts and advice great! You care across the board, and you're a good example of how I (ahem) should behave :)"
Katherine says:
"rob im asking you as a friend please report Jack hes mean."
Katherine says:
"thank you for talking to corrine rob."
Katherine says:
"your a great person i love your honest answers!!!! your name reminds me of robert pattinson!!!!! :)"
Skitch says:
"Rob, I just wanted you to know how very much I appreciate your thoughtful, sincere and insightful answers to the questions here on Yedda. You are conscientious about giving the best and most thorough answers possible. You are a wonderful asset to this site, and I look forward to reading your thoughts on virtually any issue."
Princess says:
"Thanks a lot for answering Rob. Please check the comment section. I've given a detailed explanation as asked for. Please let me know what you think of it. Thanks a lot!"
charlie2911 says:
"I always stop to read your medical and health advice Rob. Always cogent, succinct and well written Keep up the excellent work"
Corrine says:
"Wow a sense of humor and a Scott Brown supporter...Awesome person right here lol well thanks for a good laugh... Sincerest Wishes, Corrine"
Katherine says:
"thx for answering my question :)"
Sparky's Mom says:
"Rob, I just have to let you know that I have been reading your answers, and they are all very good. You give great advice, no matter what the question is. You sound very knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. Plus you are always pleasant to everyone. What a wonderful trait to have. I wish yedda had a lot more people like you. Anna Sparky's Mom "
A Brown says:
"Glad I read your last post. You are a very understanding and caring individual, don't ever change.Will be watching for other posts."
SamanthaD says:
"Thank You for your words. Yes we have a teenager at alot of my decisions are for her best interest. Still trying to make it work. Thank You"
Nanadee says:
"Hi rob....I find you very smart and have alot to offer....You are very lucky to of done all that you have done in your lifetime..Bravo. I wish i could say the same....Almost 70 and still learning something new each day and i look forward to it...God bless...Nanadee"