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Answered: Car insurance company

Yes I agree, there are quite a few car insurance companies and it’s difficult to choose the right one. I can direct you to the Liberty Videocon website so that you can have a look at their policies. I ...

Answered: Online Rummy

I think you should try It is a safe and secure website, where you can play online rummy for money. They offer different versions, like 13 cards and 21 cards games. You can ...

Answered: Games is a great multiplayer rummy card game playing website. So if you are a card game lover then is the right website for you.

Answered: In what card game do you deal the players the ...

I think your are referring to the rummy card game , aren't you?

Answered: Is there any age constraint for participating in ...

Age might be the only one constraint these online tournaments can have. I play at these free rummy tournaments organized by and accept for the terms and conditions I don’t see other ...

Answered: How to play canasta rummy?

What I have read about it so far, canasta rummy is a popular rummy game in the USA. I am fond of the Indian rummy and enjoy it a lot at . I am not sure but you can check out this ...

Answered: Rummy rules

I would suggest you to check out where they have given the rules for playing rummy in details.

Answered: Anyone who knows to play rummy?

I know to play rummy and I am actually quite good at it. If you are looking for an opponent to play rummy with you then I will suggest you to join and play at their online rummy ...

Answered: What is the right age for a child to start ...

3 years is the right age to start kindergarten for any child.

Answered: Mayweather vs Guerrero

Thanks for the link Arnob Das, though I already know who is gonna win this bout. Its Mayweather by knock out!!

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