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Glad to be part of a generation where there are so many of us. We created the need for all those things that I had to compete with everyone else my age for. As we enter our senior years, golf, gardening, and nursing homes are thriving. We created the housing boom when we were newlyweds, competed for jobs, and now are starting to retire from our high-power positions, leaving room for the young'uns to take over.

We are lucky to be part of a generation that has had the benefit of technology and feels comfortable using it.

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The British Eighth March was composed by Zo ELLIOTT (1891-1964). It was published in 1944.

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You don't say which company made the oven. If you contact the head office of the company, they will often be able to e-mail a manual to you or tell you how to download it.

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unkabob says:
"Thanks for making me a contact boomer, I'll try not to let you down. radio."
Caitybug says:
"Thank you for the thoughtful compliment. I've noticed some of you answers recently and they are very insightful. I can't wait to read more of your thoughts."
unkabob says:
"Thanks for the compliment boomer.. Hope your having as much fun here as we all are. All us seniors need to stick together. Happy trails."
Equus says:
"Boomer , Thank you for the kind words . You are doing a fine job yourself . I see you have been on for 6 months , welcome to Yedda/Aol answers. See you down the trail . "