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Answered: What can be itemized and deducted and how much

You are best noting down everything and speaking to your accountant and getting them to do it. That would be my advice.

Answered: Can i get a high end credit card with bad credit ...

I assume you have bad credit? Well the key here is to get your credit rating better. Therefore look to borrow little and pay it back on time... this way you can get your credit rating better. Key ...

Answered: How to get groceries lost job and no money?

Key is to keep motivation high and staty determined to get yourself a job. It is difficult, I understand that, but keeping spirits high is key.

Answered: Who was the first bankers were and what their ...

I guess you need to look far back in the past when trading was done on anything...not just money. Or are you looking for a modern day start date?

Answered: What would you qualify as a wasteful spending?

Regarding the car at weekends... I guess it depends on if you have a car already? Are you only getting a new car to use at weekends? Live to your means basically.

Answered: Life insurance quotes help's me to save money?

As with anything you should shop around. A word of advice though - make sure you compare "like for like" in other words, make sure you are comparing 2 products that are the same.

Answered: (update) I am looking to make more money online ...

You could do worse than searching for "affiliate marketing" online. I would look to get involved in something you have at least a small interest in.

Answered: Do I need a computer program to manage my ...

I was always against these but I don't think they can hurt - good luck!

Answered: Can a not-for-profit corp do something to make ...

Yes I think it depends on what the profit is being used for really. Explain some more if you can please.

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