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Answered: What cheeses can be used in stuffed bell peppers

goat cheese, blue cheese....any kind really. it'll all delicious!

Answered: Red skin blotching on the back what causes it does ...

It could be psoriasis that is developing later in your life, get it checked by a dermatologist to be sure, could also be merca or some type of skin infection from a mat? if you go to the gym alot that ...

Answered: What city did titanic sail from

The vessel began her maiden voyage from Southampton, bound for New York City on 10 April 1912, with Captain Edward J. Smith in command.

Answered: Why does my dog move slowly?

their could be many reasons. you would have to be more specific. if he/she is old, than that could be a reason. have you seen the dog progressively get slower recently? it could be in some type of ...

Answered: How to find my ex-wifes birthday date?

you could always try facebook, especially if her profile isn't private.

Answered: Does jb like miley cyrus as a friend

lol. i'm sure he does! didn't they do a song together? i only know this because my niece is obsessed with him!

Answered: Belly fat

seeing your abs is more about bodyfat than about doing crunches, you need to start losing weight, so you need to eat less calories than you work off, the only real way to lose the weight and keep it ...

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