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Answered: Emailing pictures please

We are as frustrated as you are about this. We had to disable this feature due to AOL Pictures no longer available. We will re-enable this within the next month or two. But please also note that ...

Answered: About mail

What are you using to read AOL Mail? Where do you click and what exactly does "not open" mean? Getting any error message?

Answered: Pictures within emails not showing up

This is a Firefox 3.0.7 bug. We released a workaround fix for this yesterday. It should work again.

Answered: Need a SENT folder in MY FOLDERS

That's a shortcoming of our current system. We are moving to a new one which will fix this. Until then - unfortunately - there is nothing we can change within AOL Webmail.

Answered: Need IP address of AOL mail server to add to ...

Please consult

Answered: Need IP address of AOL mail server to add to ...

Please consult for such issues and questions.

Answered: Why do i have two email addresses? one is @aim ...

You actually only have one email address. What address you have can be seen when sending mail. The from field should show your address. However, users having an address can also receive ...

Answered: Lost e-mail

Do you have the "New/Old" style mailbox or only a single "Inbox"? are you using any other device or application via POP3 to access your mailbox?

Answered: Use AOL Mail on Internet Explorer 7?

This windows feature only shows you desktop software. It can not show you web applications (like AOL Webmail). While you could use AOL Webmail through Outlooks or Windows Live Mail we are also working ...

Answered: When will AOL fix my INSERT PICTURES problem?

We are as disappointed as you (our users) that we had to remove that feature. We are very close to putting it back in with a partner. In fact we should have something in beta within the next weeks or ...