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Answered: ubi plant

Oh hi Irene, I don't know what you're asking but I googled it for you and the ubi plant is a kind of yam? Here is one of the links I found.

Answered: I am using AOL mail and when I send messeges I ...

Oh hi Exit 16, I don't have AOL mail but I looked this up for somebody else and I think the way you have to get rid of it is by doing the Captcha? So just click on that link and then type in the words ...

Commented: About Chino Hills Parent's answer

How nice, I hope your party is a big success.

Answered: School lunches

Oh my, I don't think it matters where you eat your lunch as long as you're eating food that's good for you and hasn't gone spoiled? The only thing I can think of is that flies might land on your food ...

Answered: Where can you buy disney gift cards in richmond ...

Oh hi fay, I googled it and the Disney Card home site should have the answer? I think you can buy them online or else look at the FAQ link because that question is on there and maybe it will list ...

Answered: Where and when did rules and laws begin?

Oh hi Bernie, I don't know for sure but I think rules and laws began the first time there were people, don't you think?

Answered: Weird Words to Submit Before Sending Email

Oh hi Pat, I don't have AOL mail but I googled it and I think you're talking about a Captcha? I guess it's a way for them to tell that you're a person and not a machine sending spam. Do you send out a ...

Answered: How to take dried egg yolk off my glass ...

Oh my, why don't you just take the shelf out of the refrigerator and wash it in warm soapy water? If the egg is stuck to it then get it wet and let it sit for a while and then use a no-scratch scrubby ...

Commented: About n's answer

I like your answer, NJOY. Have a blessed day.

Answered: Balloon artist for birthday party

Oh my, I'm not sure if a balloon artist can make something that big but did you try calling party places to ask? I googled it and maybe one of these sites can help you find someone. http://www ...

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"thanks for your answer to my question Pat re juanito/a"
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"Pat, Thank you for making me a contact. Hope to see you around posting on AOLA."
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"Pat, I like your good common sense in answering questions and being helpful. You seem sincere and kind and I am happy to have you as my friend on AOLanswers."