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Albert Hoogendoorn is the owner en writer of three blogs :
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2) WoodworkingIdea
3) AutoDigitals


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Answered: Can vinegar be diluted and use to keep bugs

I am not sure it works for bugs, but it works for ants, so its worth trying.

Answered: Basic swing set/ tree house

I have only one place to go when I need plans for wooden toys, playhouses etc. : WoodworkingIdea

Answered: I have tulips growing in pots. The blooms are ...

1- Cut the (remaining) flowers off 2- Let the green die for a few weeks (see answer above) 3- Store the bulbs during summer in a dry and cool place 4- Replant the bulbs in your garden next autumn ...

Answered: How can I protect my vegetables from the ...

For gardeners wishing to start growing their own organic vegetables this is a handy resource with articles and videos about organic pest control .

Answered: What herbs are in a basic herb garden?

You may try a few herbs from this list Basil (sweet), Coriander, Dill, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Marjoram (sweet), Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme ...

Answered: What soil should you use for a raised vegetable ...

What is the function of soil in our yards and gardens? Simply put, soil provides plants with mineral nutrients, water and anchorage. The basic types of soil are clay, sand, and silt. You can increase ...

Answered: How can I make my own solar panels in order to ...

This is a great question, but the answer requires a complete (e)book. May I suggets you the Efficient Planet program, for fully tested and step by step description on how to build and install ...

Answered: How can I spread compose in my yard

Spreading compost depends on the flowers / vegetables / crops that you are growing in your garden. Most plants need compost when planted in your garden. I have a whole bunch of articles and videos ...

Answered: Topsy turvey tomatoe links

Watch this video, which will answer your question.

Answered: Growing Tomatoes

It depends on your garden (size, position, type of soil) and your personal taste. I suggest that you do some research first : Free Report about Growing Tomatoes A collection of articles and videos ...


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