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Living forever isn't the trick, living with yourself forever is.
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I'm a writer, poet, husband, father, property manager, and all out good guy.

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Answered: Joe Arpaio has his driver license been revoked?

Not that I've heard. But then again, if it did happen, I really doubt that the mainstream media would report it. They're too afraid of him.

Asked: Lyric writers only

Is there any way for people who just write lyrics who don't know music writers to make money in the music business? Isn't there a place in Nashville that will buy your submissions?

Asked: Pick your own President

With all the social media outlets available today, why can't we, the common people, pick out our own Presidential Candidates, get them on the ballet and vote for them? Why do we let the political ...

Asked: Here's my question: Why do people make this ...

Here's my question: Why do people make this subject out to be more complicated then it is? Being a good, loving person is simple. Why can't describing how to do it be just as simple?

Asked: Is La Nina for real?

So with the southern states already getting snow this year, do you think La Nina will live up to it's reputation and bring us all record cold this year?

Asked: Why is it that only people in the Middle ...

Why is it that only people in the Middle Eastern region of the world are so violent? As if by nature? Has any other region in the world has been so violent for so long ?

Asked: New Kid Rock CD?

Does anyone have the new Kid Rock CD yet? It's called "Born Free" and the title track is excellent. Is the rest of the CD as good as that?

Asked: That article makes so much sense, I don't know ...

That article makes so much sense, I don't know where to begin. Why is it so hard for people to live this way? Are people afraid of being at peace?

Asked: Give Socialism a chance

If a Government has the right intentions and is run by more "common folk" type people, why would it be so bad if it were a socialist government?

Asked: Why get married?

Why is the divorce rate so high? Do people get married just so they can say that they went through the whole process and brag about? Don't they know that the odds are against their marriage ...


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buckeye says:
"Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading you answers and I like your quote about living with yourself. Welcome to Yedda."