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im an 18 year old. i cant spell worth a crap. i love skateboarders, singers, and guitar players. im a fun-loving person. i love to do all those girl and guy things. im extreamly impatient. i love dogs. i paint ramdom things on my bedroom walls. i dont smoke but i am thinking about it. i dont drink. my bestfriend is my own twin. i havent had many boyfriends. idk y. haha. im not a sporty person. i love having friends more than having boyfriends sometimes. i lovvee to read. im a day-dream every second of my waking life.

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Asked: I really need advice, do i leave my boyfriend for ...

this is the most confusing thing that i've dealt with so far.... i've been dating this one guy for about 2 months now, and i really think i love him, cause we've know each other for about a year now ...

Commented: About TASHA1983's answer

i havent texted or called him or anything the past couple days. i feel a little better now that i know that giving him his space is the best thing to do.

Answered: Dog seems very lonely

dogs are like people. if your alone then you dont feel very well. put your self in the dogs paws. haha. he longs for another dog to play with.

Asked: I love this guy and i want him back but i dont ...

i dated this guy and his name was Austin. we didnt date for very long but i never felt these emotion's before. i want to be with him at all times because i know he made everything alittle bit better ...

Answered: How can i change from being mean to sweet?

actually i just turned 18 and we've been dating for a few months now.

Asked: How can i change from being mean to sweet?

i grew up with 5 brothers so it was a little ruff on me. i got pushed around enough that i became one of the guys so i can defend myself pretty well. i like to watch sports and talk shit and all that ...

Asked: How do I make my boyfriend a better kisser for me?

How do I make my boyfriend a better kisser for me? When we make out he kisses a little to fast and has more in the kiss. and his whole mouth is over mine and i dont want to be stuck making out with ...

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