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Extraordinarily claims require extraordinary evidence. The god hypothesis has failed for lack of evidence.. Public policy should be informed by science and pragmatism rather than theology and religious dogma.
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I think empirically, scientifically, materialistically, and pragmatically rather than metaphysically, dogmatically, supernaturally, and paranormally. Genesis has been rebutted by science. The origin of man did not come from creation of Adam and Eve but evolution of species from simpler forms over billions of years. The origin of the universe did not come from a Creator god over seven days but from the Big Bang. The earth came from the accretion disc of the sun just like all the other planets. Christianity and the other religions are now be included in textbooks on mythology. Jesus, Jehovah, Allah,, and Mohammed are now looked at with Zeus as creations of man to help them understand nature and to deter criminal conduct, and also to give guidance on morally correct conduct.

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Answered: How do you improve schools that produce more ...

Increase time-at-task and parental choice

Answered: In the bible, where does it say, people in heaven ...

I associate myself with Lynn's excellent answer. Revelation is also excellent as far as fiction writing goes. The faithful believe in fictional stories.

Answered: Best Religion

Atheism is open minded and goes with the evidence. Religion is dogma based and clashes with every other religion along a continuum. In the modern world you don't atheism creating wars

Answered: Should Creationalism Be Taught in Schools?

Biological evolution is a theory based on facts. People who talk about theories are open minded scientist-types rather than religiously certain folks who are afraid to not know answers thus they enjoy ...

Answered: Should Creationalism Be Taught in Schools?

Of course, a science class is no place to teach a tale of the ancient world about creation. Every religion has its own creation story so there are thousands. Why pick the Christian-judeo Bible to draw ...

Answered: What is the age of the Universe dependent on its ...

You might want to read a new book, A Universe From Nothing, by Lawrence Krauss but you also can see him on this matter in a one hour YouTube lecture.

Answered: What is the age of the Universe dependent on its ...

I think the redshift indicates that the universe is expanding faster the farther you look into the distance. The idea of expansion from a single point is corroborated by the cosmic microwave ...

Answered: Is the multiverse theory rubbish made up by ...

Historically, we have kept discovering the perceived world has always been larger than earlier thought. Before the telescope, man thought there was a god in heaven etc just above the clouds. We see ...

Answered: Old testament

Mythology of 3500 years ago! It has all the great subjects of interest at the time as listed in the cartoon for which we should be grateful to ddave1544.


Bill Compton says:
"Atheists always cower from the truth. Their cultishness and mindless hate make atheists the least valued minority on the planet. There is no reason to tolerate them, much less join them, as this reprobate mob is a deranged embarrassment even to themselves, as they cling to the very lowest point of all sheer ignorance. One cannot rise up to knowledge without first rising up to sufficient faith to trust that knowledge. That is why no atheist is able to learn."
Bill says:
"I was not amused when you pirated my screen name to add credibility to your failed atheist cult. I was less amused when you used your games to preach racism and bitterness as all atheists must. I changed my buddy icon and then reverted because you are a worthless fraud. All atheists play games but this is a little low even for a base and despised fanatic like you. Your days on AOL Answers are numbered spiteful one."
Melvin Whitcombe says:
"Is atheist denial suddenly a science, bitterness a virtue, prejudice an admirable quality, or ignorance a form of power? These vices are limiting and truly bitter because they are absolutely needless and hateful -- without exception. Yet because you consider evil a virtue then that is why you consider Hitler a paragon. Please allow me to dissent from atheism and whatever else you intend to foist off on children this week as an alternative to developing a career. I prefer to remain a happy Christian, not that atheists can ever understand what happiness is."
Reginald Harper says:
"Those who are unforgiving are also unforgivable. Your bitterness and evil nature mark all atheists as unforgiving and unforgivable. Let's hope for the sake of others who might one day be like you, that you are the only one to bear such a bitter, one sided, and unholy grudge. A grudge is the sign of a simpleminded fanatic. Rational persons can forgive but you are clearly irrational."
Bill says:
"How many times have you stubbornly clung to outdated atheist dogma, always arguing by the authority of other discredited atheists? If you want us to take you seriously you must be openminded and reasonable. So far you have proved that you are utterly irrational and absolutely bigoted. You are desperately in need of mental health treatment. Please do not delay your initiation of therapy further."
stressed says:
"Y do U still hang onto bitterness & atheism? Fools & their folly R their humiliation. Y do U persist N atheism & discredit? U made Urself a fool, but so what?"
snowskimountain says:
"Looks to me like you are slipping, guy. We all knew you had a bolt loose with all yout talk in favor of atheism, but my man you have lost it completely. Maybe a little sober effort, clean mountain air, and time with decent folks, would cure you of atheism. You can't spend your whole life under a bar room table but it looks like you tried to. Get back in AA. They'll help you. I promise!"
Bill says:
"Physicalist, is there any particular point to your "work?" If so, what is it? Realize that athesm is passe'. That fad died out with raccoon coats and swallowing goldfish. I suggest that you come into the 21st century."
fletcherba234 says:
"Are you STILL trying to shove atheism down everyone's throats? Hitler failed, Stalin failed, Mao failed, and you failed. Good luck pal: you will need it."
Don Blake says:
"I lost the use of my legs because an atheist just like you sabotaged my safety gear. He was afraid of "religious nuts" and that is why he sabotaged two other men's safety gear before they put him in prison."
Dr. Phil Caulson says:
"Ordinarily I consider atheism an oddball kook cult. Physicalist now convinces me that it is also a dangerous kook cult."
Southern 7162 says:
"Your atheist cult is unforgivable therefore you are unforgivable with it. That is why you play these childish games and spread those obvious lies. Hell will be incomplete without you, Dawkins, and Hitler."
Reginald Harper says:
"Is there any good in atheism, considering the fact that you must shove it down everyone's throat exactly as they did in the failed Soviety Union -- and by the same barbarous means? You call yourself a "secular humanist" and in the next post you formally demand to persecute all rational persons under Gulag terrorism to assure full compliance with all atheist doctrine. Is there any way to justify that sort of blatant hypocrisy? If so, what is it?"
Melvin Whitcombe says:
"Why must atheiosts lie so very passionately? Reason can lead you to peace and plenty but you instead remain with irrational atheism, regardless that it makes no sense. "
Melvin Whitcombe says:
"Thank you for all the emails. I am neither a bigot, nor do I practice occult rituals, nor do I go by "RM3." I believe that you may be badly confused about something that gives you no peace. If you would like to talk about it, please send me a non-threatening email and we will discuss your concerns."
The Unknown Philosopher says:
"Rebellious atheist, how can you defy yourself? I have offered to instruct you but you insist on playing games. Your default clears me from any mention of wrongdoing: I offered and you refused because you are afraid of leaving atheism."
Bob Suffolk says:
"Is there a good excuse for the sheer bigotry of atheism, seeing that it shares its discredit with dishonored Islam?"
Mike Dudley says:
"Poor atheist kooks. Live and let live. I don't fear you but I pity you. "
Norman Wilson says:
"Atheists claim to be scientific but all they do is sabotage everyone else's work. That is why science teams have to hand pick and remove these uneducated bigots to get the project back underway. Atheist bigotry and obstruction doesn't make them scientific. It just makes them stupid."
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"Is there any good in atheism or Islam?"
Don Blake says:
"No one accepsts atheism anymore. That fad died out long ago."
Serenity says:
"The murderous history of atheism is evil to the core. Will you remain with that barbarism, even after you have been proved completely wrong and everyone you oppose proved correct?"
Stanley Pembroke says:
"Everyone on AOL Answers has tried to reason with you, but you only reply with mindless hate. Everyone has shown you that Christianity is true but you insult us with such intense hatred that we have to question your morals and sanity. You accuse all Christians of bigotry, racism, and mindless evil, yet all your other screen names actively espouse all these evils -- of which atheists are guilty and we are clearly innocent. We have all seen what hatred must do and your call to hatred is undeniable. You have proved that atheists are the nastiest bigots on the planet besides radical Muslims. What good is your variety of bigotry and hate, of which atheists are exclusively guilty?"
Serenity says:
"Who would want to be an atheist? Is the discord you suffer worth your egotism? Is there a good enough reason to hold a mindless grudge? Is there a sufficient cause to reduce others to hatred? Reconsider your ways before you transition to the eternal."
Southern 7162 says:
"Bigotry is an insult but only atheists deserve that insult. All else are happy people. Only atheists are utterly miserable because they are utterly uneducated."
MikeBuilder123 says:
"I only wish Physicalist was less of a disappointment. So far al I have seen him discuss is how much he hates religion but never shows any rational cause why he hates it. People who have hate in them will always hate someone. Eventually they hate only themselves."
Southern 7162 says:
"Why must criminals all despise the rules in the Bible? Because they are weak minded and angry, and because they are so lazy that they will not abide anything that is for their own good. That is all we need to know about atheism."
Bob Suffolk says:
"Unfortunately for Physicalist, there is no rational, scientific, or ethical case that can support atheism. However, the entire world attests to the violence of atheism and its sheer bigotry. That is why no one can respect atheists. Until you cease your games, you will remain disrespected and held only as a humorless bigot."
Morgan says:
"Your search for reality and truth will lead you down many paths. The paths to destruction are wide and varied the path to understanding is narrow and few can follow. I sincerely hope you will find your way and have an awakening. Lady Darko"
Mark 'n Starla Trania says:
"What a loser. First you claim to be an atheist, then you come on as a racist Muslim, and all the time, you just insult people with lies. How stupid can you get?"
Bambi says:
"Your position is well thought out and well presented. I appreciate that, even though I may not totally agree with everything you say. "
Lady Aban Ceaulosevic says:
"The brutality of the Soviet Union, and all its hypocrisy, came from its strict adherence to atheist dogma. There is no less intelligent way to live. I sorrow for you Physicalist because of your narrow mind and blinkered ways. If you could rise above your bitterness there would be hope for you."
SuzyQ says:
"Love your answers and comments. Nice to see some intelligent life on this site. Does look however that you have managed to draw out every lunatic and nutcase as well. Keep up the good work, eventually their kind will die off and peace will once again reign supreme."
Southern 7162 says:
"Atheists are consumed with hate. Anti theists hope to lead astray a cult following. The harshest and coldest of these bigots single out children for their unseemly abuses. You are the worst one I have ever seen. Anne Southern."
Dr. Kelly says:
"I do not know what you hoped to prove, Physicalist, but I kow that you have failed utterly to prove it. What good have you done? What charity do you endow? What humanitarian effort do you encourage? All the utter negativity on AOL Answers seems to come from you, which only adds to your humiliation, discredit, and public embarrassment."
Trampo says:
"Yo, Phys, you been chumping people off ever since I been on Yedda. What do you get for it except people putting it straight back on you? Maybe if you stuffed the cork back in the bottle people could respect you."
Rocmike3 says:
"It would appear that Physicalist's reputation precedes him. I pity you, poor deluded atheist, whose mind has gone so far sour that no one can reason with him at all. Until you sober up, you will not be a worthy adversary in debate."
stressed says:
"P gives us More heat than light Anger and bitterness ice cold bias, Typical atheist bigot. If you sobered up, You might be a man for once. Maybe even a citizen. Until you do you are only an atheist."
Biker To Believe says:
"Phys, you gotta be the coldest thing on Yedda. Every time I read your noise I gotta wonder how long it has been since you were sober. You need to talk to AA, my man. Maybe if you go back to meetings and develop the faith in God and yourself to crawl out of that bottle you'd amount to something. Anyway I can't respect a man that can't stuff the cork back in a bottle. Go back to AA, all right?"
unkabob says:
"Wow! Looks like your picking up some pretty interesting comments physi.. People do need variance in their life it seems.. Keep it coming."
Morgan says:
"Hummmm you are an enigma. A contraindication, there is potential that you most assuredly could be better than the average bear. Will take some wupass but you seem to be pulling alot of legs. LOLOL I think I like it. Lady Darko Eugenie'"
Yechielshlipshon says:
"Dear Physicalist; Methinks that these persons protest too much. Having a mirror to look at, by yourself, you can say what you want. Have someone hold up that mirror, you have to face some honesty. As a sincerely religious Jew, who has friends of all backgrounds who are sincerely honest about themselves and their beliefs, I know that sometimes, listen can solve this dilemma, if you are honest. Chaplain and Biker have good intentions, but need to have their soul's eyes cleared. For me, I have to remember to be honest with myself, at times, but it is worth it. Shalom Yechiel"
Bob Suffolk says:
"I have seen disgusting old perverts before but never quite to your extreme. Sending torture/hard-core/bloodshed/rape/pedophile sites to Chapain John is a bit more than a rational person can tolerate. Only an atheist could go that low. You have proved the character of atheists yet again."
fletcherba234 says:
"I read your post to Chaplain John. Sending a Chaplain a link to hard core filth is truly the atheist way. Did you think that you would cause a saint to stumble? "
Sarina says:
"Though not an atheist myself, I enjoy reading your comments most of the time. You're concise, obviously very intelligent, and you seem to have a unique view of things. Keep up the good work."
Chaplain John says:
"Physicalist has shown us the lowest forms of bias and bigotry. Yet he has never once raised a pertinent question, nor provided a sensible answer. Is your crippling obsession going to help you, Physicalist, or must we use you as an object lesson in the terrible price of sin?"
Mulder says:
"I've enjoyed reading your questions and answers. Thank you for speaking so honestly. "
Biker To Believe says:
"You got a chip on your shoulder pal. One of these days someone is gonna knock it off. If you told the truth that would be one thing but you ain't told it yet. All you do is insult people. I forgive you anyway. I just hope God will, but don't count on it."
Biker To Believe says:
"Just cause you are stupid don't mean you got a case. You just make it look bad for the rest of you atheists. Get over it, stupid."
Chaplain John says:
"It would appear that Physicalist is crying out for help. His atheist beliefs have left him without an answer to life's dillemmas. Living in misery might get you sympathy, but will it bring you happiness? Until you come to your senses, you will exist in misery."
Rocmike3 says:
"Once again, we see the atheist cult retreat in discredit, led by a lackluster general and their unmotivated troops in a particularly disorganized, panicked rout. Where once I thought of you as a worthy adversary in debate, you have proven so duplicitous and unresolved that all you can do is go on losing. Sober up, Physicalist: your alcohol softened brain is not working properly."
Rocmike3 says:
"Eventually it becomes necessary to expel sufficiently unruly students from class, sufficiently hateful people from society, and put sufficiently abrasive souls in hell. Our beloved Physicalist will soon discover how foolish he was to join the atheist cult."
Rocmike3 says:
"Physicalist, you are in such desperate need for help that you will not ask for it. You clearly have fears. At least become a worthy opponent in debate."
stressed says:
"Why r u so hateful P? Why r u so angry? Restless evil spirit in you. Cold and bitter. What good are you?"