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love to watch tv an a guess be on the computer more often than before. I love to watch a movie instead of reading them. And my favorite book is ciroque due freak vampires assistant. I like to dress up on halloween. for state fair I road on one of the rides that spin you around real fast an got dizzy an oh most fell luckly my sister cought me before I did ha ha ha.Surprised I didn't know that was going to happen.

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Asked: Cost at rave

how much does it cost at rave theater for a movie that is not 3d. Does any one Know? about cost for adults and children

Asked: Tell me what you think. how cool is this?

Has any one ever seen a star in the sky light up in the sky blue green yellow red orange i red on the enternet that stars are 30,000 lightyers away how cool and that when two or more come together and ...

Asked: About bands in peabody hotel

how do you get to see a rock star at the peabody hotel in arkansas do you get tickets or what? That would be cool.

Commented: About ~American~~Patriot~'s answer

think about the things she likes that could help a lot you could burn songs on to a cd for her. from Imesh you dont have to pay for them there totally free you can find some great things on there and ...

Asked: About mothers day gifts and where to find it

what is a good mothers day gift that is cheap but fun?

Answered: Can you give me the price of 14kt yellow gold by ...

the only way I know to help you is ask a jewlery repairer or walmart and I am sure they can tell you. I helped you

Asked: What is the symbol for the dragon fly and the ...

what does it mean when a humming bird comes close behind yor back staying there and what does it mean when a dragon fly hoversover the walls and circles around you this all happened one was on a ...

Answered: I made a crosstitch in 1987 Called What Makes ...

well just go on to the enternet and look up patterns for crosstitch and I am sure you will fined it you can probly even have the patterns that you need shiped to you and mybe magazines. and maybe the ...

Commented: About Book's answer

lol well it might of been stars I looked it up on enternet and it talked about the gases stars put off it is also oxygen, hydrgen, and some other gases. But it said that if more than one star come ...

Asked: How many ginas are there is the name a good name

how many people in little rock arkansas have the name gina? Is the name Gina to old fasion or is it a good name tell me what you think?

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