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Answered: Here is a joke that any decent homosexual like me ...

Jesus was a dead man that lived in a gulag with G W Bush. Are there any Jesuses that don't live with Bush? I heard he is burning in hell ha ha.

Answered: Where is god's home

God's home is in a gulag where he tortures atheists for eternity. You have to love him for that. Is there an atheist that isn't being tortured by God? God is a brute beast, nothing he did was any good ...

Answered: What does watered faithfully mean?

It means Jesus has to piss on them. Atheists piss on jesus in their gulags with Stalin and Mitt Romney without underpants. is there an atheist that hasn't piissed on Jesus? And it came to pass, when ...

Answered: Have you met Jesus.?

Jesus is my gay boyfriend.

Answered: Why is there nothing in the bible written by Jesus ...

God talked to his snake and the snake typed it into the typewriter of the day, the IBM golfball. Is there a snake that can't type? They sit in their zoos dressed only in magic underwear and write ...

Answered: God gave names to all the animals.

God gave all living things a name in his gulag with satan. Is there ever anything decent that gods do? they spend all their time spying on priests masturbating with altar boys.

Answered: The just and the unjust will be judged

The good Lord converted to Islam in his gulag with Moses. Is there a single good Lord that hasn't become a Muslim? Nothing Jesus did is worthwhile, it was all simple trickery.

Answered: Should Muslims convert to Christiananity because ...

Atheists all convert to Islam in their gulags with Stalin. Is there an atheist that isn't a Muslim? Nothing any Muslim says or does is worthwhile, not even life saving brain surgery.

Answered: I need a friend thats rh negative blood god bless

Atheist vampires suck the blood of Bible believing Christians in order to live their corrupt and useless lives. Is there a single atheist that isn't a vampire? They sit in their gulags farting and ...

Answered: Prayer map of the world

Atheists have anti-prayer maps of the world in their gulags with Pol Pot and Hitler. Is there anything good about an atheist? They spend their days eating the intestines of Christian missionaries. Is ...


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