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I have worked on campaigns fulltime since 2004 and in a volunteer capacity for ten years.  Over the last decade, I’ve heard everything from campaign lawn signs were the deciding the factor in their campaign to the oft quoted “yard signs don’t vote” and everything in between.

I’ve worked on some races that were flush in political yard signs and others that went without, but in 2008 the campaign sign debate came to a head when the Obama campaign shunned lawn signs completely.  I have designed campaign yard signs and worked closely with printers during the ordering process before the 2008 presidential election, but I wanted to find out for myself the purpose of lawn signs and the value that they provide to political campaigns.

Turns out that there is middle ground.  Candidate signs don’t win elections but they increase candidate name recognition.  While campaign yard signs don’t vote they are a small price to pay to keep your supporters enthusiastic about the candidate.

I started Campaign Trail Yard Signs to cut through the campaign yard sign confusion. What do lawn signs do well? When are they more trouble than they are worth? Just honest answers, so that you order only the political yard signs your campaign needs.

If you have any questions about yard signs or my background please contact me.

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There aren't laws specific to yard signs. Les is barking up the right treat. Trespassing, destruction of property, etc. are among the applicable legal violations.

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I don't know the 'legal' answer and I only have half of the answer - customarily volunteers put out yard signs the night before the election or the morning of.



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