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Desire is in men a hunger, in women only an appetite. - Mignon McLaughlin
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Sex can keep you healthier, really! I am here to guide you on how to effectively please your partner in bed.

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Asked: What does it mean if you are having sex w/someone ...

I just had a dream last night and it creeps me out. Although the guy is totally handsome. LOL! Does that mean we will eventually end up together? this guy is a friend and a crush of mine btw.

Asked: What is a sexy costume without taking your clothes ...

What is a sexy costume without taking your clothes off?

Commented: About OronD's answer

Yeah, I think you are right. Nice way to put it. Thanks, I guess I will just enjoy the moment and go with the flow.. :)

Asked: After how many dates do you start taking about ...

After how many dates do you start taking about sex?

Answered: What increases women's sex drive?

Increasing the woman's sex drives is not as easy as arousing the man's. Therefore you have to put extra effort on your part. Try something and something novel to the both of you. Sex Pills

Answered: Is there a such thing as too much sex?

Yes there is. I think that this happens when you are doing it and thinking it every single minute of the day. Erectile Dysfunction Cure

Answered: Boyfriend prefers porn to sex due to a supposed ...

So something subtle to increase his sex drives like "accidentally" touching him. Sex Pills

Answered: Sex with the ex

The possibility is small unless she is also willing to do it with you. Sex Pills

Answered: What is 99 sex position?

This position is done by having sex while standing up and the guy takes you from the back. Like a doggy style but done while standing. Sex Pills

Answered: Sex

Being drunk per se will surely affect your life, many people are sexually active when they are drunk. Sex Pills

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