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Conservative, I believe if you want something you should work for it. I believe that living in the USA you have the resources to become anything you want if you want to work for it. I think it is unforunate that we hand everything to to other ethnic groups so freely. I don't know what people have been thinking all of these years to elect such liberal far left wing people to serve the public, and they are supposed to be  there to serve us, the working people. I believe Hollywood & all of those types should keep their heads & loud mouths out of politics, they have no idea what reality is. They have their heads up their asses. I believe we are headed toward the same thing that happened to Germany with Hitler. My husband & I have workied all of our lives just like the rest of our families & now the American life as we knew it is soon to be over.

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Answered: What do you really think about nadya suleman ...

We all know we will be supporting all of her children. Her parents are what you would call enablers. They have actually allowed this to happen. She should have been held accountable for the first ...

Answered: Obama Rumor

pattyp: I saw the choir leader of Wright's cult church was murdered in December of 2007....and it was not investigated because the police had orders....He is reputed to have been Hussein Obama's gay ...

Answered: Kennedy's Role

And that sir, is why our healthcare system is broken!

Answered: Swine Flu

How do you think this might have started? It is your government that doesn't want to stop the illegals no matter how much we cry and go on about it. These people are potential future voters ...

Answered: Swine Flu

I would like to give California, along with all of the leftist socialist, especially Plastic face Pelosi, the Kennedy clan, Hussein & welfare trash wife to only name a few, to Mexico and they would ...

Answered: Obama Rumor

pattyp: did you not know that Nixon and the Republicans were not the only ones wire tapping?

Answered: Obama Rumor

Eve, I loved Mr. Nelson's answer also. You have to know that pattyp is all for more government, more handouts to the lazies and fakers. She probably bows to King Hussein every morning and night.

Answered: Obama Rumor

Now it is going to get alot worse and we will definitely start loosing our rights. Hussein was not the answer and if it had not been for the ACORN THUGS and lots of ILLEGAL money he wouldn't be there ...

Answered: Obama Rumor

pattyp...that figures that the AP did that poll...I stopped listening to them after the Viet Nam Conflict..what with Peter Jennings and all.......SLANTED SO FAR LEFT THEY FELL OVER.

Answered: Obama Rumor

Check DAWG's recent youtube comment....then just google James David Manning...very interesting

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