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I've never had much surety in my life. But then, it is surety that scares me. It is often men who are sure, so steady in their ideas, that are sure they can get away with crimes, or worse, are sure they are the right thing to do. So I will be unsure, and I will question my life, and I will in turn be better for it. EJ PianoSnots, and Shadow the Snotshepherd. Official 1 1/2 members of S.N.O.T.S!
About EJ:

 Hello I'm Elijah, and it's really time I rewrote this. I'm 22 years old, fairly shy, have a love of books that boarders on the obsessive, enjoy playing piano, dogs, writing, drawing, science fiction of nearly any sort, and making obscure references that only a few people get. I'm fairly down on myself, but working on it. I have two sisters (We're triplets), and I currently reside in Florida. IOther than that it's nice to meet you, or if we've already met, nice to see you on my profile. You don't visit enough!!

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As children we are naive, and have fears that reflect that, the boogie man, monsters in the closet...The creepy landlord with a gaping hole in his neck through which he could smoke...You know, the ...


Corrine says:
"Happy Birthday... :)"
Sparky's Mom says:
"EJ my adopted son, Your stepmom is here to wish you a very happy birthday. Have a great year. Now get married already. Love from Judy and Sparky"
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"Happy 4th of July!"
♬♪Freddy Rose♪♬ says:
"Well, long time no see. How have you been? "
~Jada~ says:
"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year EJ!"
Corrine says:
"Oh my goodness....You are totally a year today...Man you are getting old Mr.Jamall....So glad you found your way to us tho....You are the greatest and don't ever forget it kay!!!! Best Wishes... :) P.S I knew there was a reason I thought about you...I just knew it and see you have the same birthday as Corey...I knew you were special!!! That is sooo freaking amazzzing... :) "
Corrine says:
"ELIJAH JAMALL :) I love your profile quote! It is soooo right."
♬♪Freddy Rose♪♬ says:
"thanks 4 all the answers,u r soo cool,and smart,"
Morgan says:
"I find you interesting and your questions out of the ordinary. Exceptional for such a young man. Lady Darko E."
Frances. says:
"Thanks for your help, I appreciate it."
~Jada~ says:
"Hi EJ...I don't know how it happened but somehow I missed your birthday!!! I didn't get the memo so please let the office know to add me to the list for future reference! Anyway...Happy 21st Birthday to a really special guy! I hope it was great and I wish you many more... Oh and my check is in the mail ; )"
Hodag says:
"Hi E J--Happy Birthday to you, and many more, too."
Jen-Jen says:
"EJ, Glad to meet you. You same to be a nice young man with a good taste of music."
Corrine. says:
"Smile be happy :) P.S Thanks for answering the question I sent you by the way. "
AShoofly says:
"Mr EJ, It's always a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you, for the song on the music thread. Good taste, my friend."
~Jada~ says:
"Oops! I mean to say EJ! I'm so sorry EJ... I have been painting all week and I am tired! I tend to make typing errors when tired... No offense! I feel terrible about that!!!"
~Jada~ says:
"Congrats on your big 6 EG! Thanks for the kind words.. I'm glad we finally talked and I do enjoy your posts. You really are a 40 yr old trapped in a 20 year old body lol. Stay sweet "
Equus says:
"EJ , 6 months on Yedda ! You make Yedda a better place . Wise beyond your years . Happy Anniversary to you and Shadow as well . "
jkgrandma says:
"EJ is a bright, articulate, witty and caring young man. He is also extremely intelligent and has a wicked sense of humor, despite the fact that he can't spell his way out of a paper bag. You're coming up on a half a year on Yedda, EJ. I'm gathering that would be Shadow's half? (Go, SNOTS!)"
Katherine says:
"Hi ejah how are you doing? hope everything is fine, I would like it if you forgive corrine, she REALLY is sorry, but if you don't that is your choice and I will look the other way. Your friend, -Katherine- "
Marla R says:
"Hi EJ! It's nice to meet you and read your very pleasant and informative posts! (The video was way cool!) ...Keep up the good work and know you have friends here! "
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi ElijahJamall, I'm Anya. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your answers here on Yedda. I love this new compliments box, so I wanted to use it to say hi. I hope you have a great day. "
Mr.Jqna says:
"Elijah Jamall, You’ve got a name that should be in lights and I sincerely hope your intelligence is being utilized in something more important than Yedda, but I can only speak for myself when I say that your presence on Yedda is a definite plus."
n says:
"Thanks Dear One, I am happy to be back aboard your fine ship. Keep up the good work!"
Katherine says:
"Thank you for your honest opinons :)"
Equus says:
"EJ , Thank You for the compliment . You are a wonderful asset to Yedda . You have a truly kind gentle soul and spirit you are wise beyond your years . It is a pleasure to have you and Shadow as fellow SNOTS members . May Peace be with you , Elijah . "
Corrine says:
"This brilliant little guy right here also needs to add writing to his list of expertize because his story (that I finally finished) lol is simply amazing :)"
fifthbeatle says:
"Man, that aftershave splash is YOU! Aqua Velva, I presume?"
Chex says:
"thx fore makin the brain on me bigger than it woud havE bean normaclly"
Corrine says:
"Elijah (and Tuzki) are the best here lol! They are soo kind and my bestest yeddian pals ever they always make me smile soo yeah I wish them the best and Take Care :) Sincerest Wishes, Corrine(Cornie)"
Corrine. says:
"Thank-you Elijah by the way I love your dog its such a cutie lol :)"
-O- says:
"Elijah since Anna's already your adopted mom can I be your aunt?"
Nanadee says:
"Hi e.J. Welcome to my family"
Nanadee says:
"Hi elijahjmall it's been a while since we talk but it sure look like you are doing alot better. Look at all these friends o yedda that you have made including me i hope. I thought you would do fine. I just want to hug your dog every time i see it on yedda. Keep up the good work on yedda and god bless you. We live in the same good state. I have family in jax. Nanadee"
MrWebster says:
"ElijahJamall: You are quite popular with some of the women on Yedda. You may be a bit younger than they, but I don't think that it is as much a motherly or nurturing thing as it is that they can see your sincerity and your honesty. That is the real reason they like you, I'm sure of it. I've seen it, myself, and my hat is off to you. Furthermore, I've noticed that you have a facility in the use of words. I don't mean big rarely used words. I mean that you can use simple words to effectively convey the emotions behind them. My hat's off to you on that as well. Lastly, I read your answer to the Capt. Hallett Question. It was obviously sincere and heartfelt. It would seem that you are a young man who is not afraid to express his heart. My hat is off to you on that one as well and over my own. Regards, MW"
wildsmonica14 says:
"hey thnks 4 ur answer your dog is really cute i work at a dog kennel and we just had puppies so its realy cool thnks again"
amazing says:
"I love the compliment you gave me. It really made me happy. Thanks. Voterperson"
Sparky's Mom says:
"ElijahJamall, You are very smart for such a young man. Funny too! I love reading your comments. They are always interesting. Keep up with the piano playing. When you are rich and famous, don't forget your yedda friends. From Anna Sparky's Mom "
n says:
"ElijahJamall, what a surprise! Thank you so much. You made me so proud and happy by complimenting me. No one has ever done that in the 10 months I've been on Yedda. You are a real treasure and a good friend."
Skitch says:
"I am impressed with Elijah's maturity and wonderful sense of humor. He is witty, bright, articulate and has a generous spirit. I am glad he has come to Yedda to share his life with us all. We can all learn a great deal from him and the way he handles the trials of his life. I love you, Elijah. I love Shadow, too!"