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Answered: Psychological problems. Please help!

All people that participated in this discussion have really helped me. They have a good life experience and knowledge on that certain problem. I'm sincerely thankful to everybody!

Commented: About Shuddupandkissme's answer

Thank you Faye! That was a very good advice to your daughter and to everyone with that kind of problem! You have a charming daughter! Congratulations to her!

Commented: About Morgan's answer

Thank you very much, LadyDarko! I'm busy with the exams these days, but I think I'll start to work with the specialist in a month. I'll surely let everybody know how everything goes on. Thank you ...

Commented: About n's answer (This answer is not available)

I think you just explained why I have that kind of "fake conversations". I always try to be someone else, not myself. I always "act" to be liked by people and completely forget of being myself. That ...

Commented: About Morgan's answer

Thanks for your advice, LadyDarko! It was helpful! Trying to find a professional now.

Commented: About Sparky's Mom's answer

Thank you, Sparky's Mom! It was helpful! Yeah, I think it's time to find a professional to fix my brains :)

Asked: Psychological problems. Please help!

Hello! My name is Nick and I'm 19 years old. I really hope you will help me and I?m asking you, please help! That kind of problem I have is probably pretty usual, but it doesn't do my life easier. In ...


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n says:
"Nick, I have to compliment you on what a great guy you are. You wrote for help and then chatted with us and then: YOU WENT OUT OF YOUR WAY TO THANK US ALL!! You are a special person to me. I hope you stay with us on AOL Answers for a long time."