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Answered: Do you buy fruits and vegetables only when they're ...

That is the best time to buy them - they taste better then. I tend to buy them out of season, though, if I just have a taste for them. Or, you can buy frozen. I guess if I thought about it more, I ...

Answered: Are You Sick of Justin Bieber?

No, there's nothing wrong with Justin Bieber! Too many people are just jealous of this guy's fame. I feel really sorry for him. He is a talented young man!

Answered: When will Two and a Half Men resume?

I didn't think the show was going to survive when they said that Charlie Sheen was out, but I think it will really have a chance now with Ashton Kutcher. I can't wait until it starts again. I love ...

Answered: Did all your kids go to the same school?

No, we traveled a lot when my daughter was born, and I just didn't like how I was making her go to different schools all the time. When my son was born, I decided to stay put and he only went to ...

Answered: Facebook vs. Google+: Whose side are you on?

Why do you even have to pick sides? I will probably do both. I have a lot of friends on Facebook already and lots of pictures up. I actually like Facebook! But, of course, Google is good, too, so ...

Answered: How to get girlfriend yahoo e-mail password?

You have to respect her privacy. Invading someone's e-mail is the same as reading their personal mail. If you are having trust issues, you should speak to her about it.

Answered: Do you take your children to art galleries?

Yes, I take my kids to art galleries, museums and any kind of cultural events. During the summer vacation we go to a lot of these.

Answered: Summer camp: Good for kids, good for parents?

It is good for both parents and kids. It's fun and exciting for kids, and they get to experience things they never have. And parents get a much-needed break!

Answered: Go the F to Sleep: For Kids or Just for Adults?

It's obviously for adults, but to be honest I know I've said this to my kids. And, yeah, I probably would read it to them, but I think instead of putting them to sleep it would have an opposite ...

Answered: Alex Pettyfer's Address

You are not going to be able to get his home address, that is kept confidential, but here is an address where you can send fanmail: Alex Pettyfer William Morris Endeavor Entertainment 9601 Wilshire ...


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