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Male.  If I knew I would live this long I would have taken better care of myself.

Roman Catholic by choice and God's grace.

Mechanical Engineer by profession. Now retired.

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What does the G+1 button mean?

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Do you think the economic "recovery" will continue through 2012 or will it fizzle out?

Asked: Minors on AOLA

Is there a minimum age that people can join aolanswers? Many questions are not appropriate for minors.

Asked: Preference

Do you prefer Wal-Mart or Target? Why?

Asked: Ddave, where are you when I need you?

I delete pictures from My Pictures folder and send them to the recycle bin. The next time I go to My Pictures they're back again! How can I correct this? I don't want to delete them from the recycle ...

Asked: Head Scratcher

I delete pictures from My Pictures folder and send them to the recycle bin. The next time I go to My Pictures they're back again! How can I correct this? I don't want to delete them from the recycle ...

Asked: One for ddave??

I downloaded and played a couple of games on my pc. When I finished I uninstalled them. But somehow one of them left me a memento in the form of a quarter inch square with a red X in it on my desk top ...

Asked: Favorites list

Does anyone know if it is possible to print your favorites list on aol?


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"thanx lido. why are energy saving lightbulbs no good with dimmer switch? teri c"
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"You asked me about the movie "The Fleet's In". It stars Betty Hutton, William Holden, Don Defore and Dorothy Lamour, and a few other actors I don't know. Before my saw the movie 2 weeks ago on one of the movie channels and I should have recorded it. Oh well..I guess I will never get to buy it anywhere. But Thanks for your input. Tina"
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"Dear Lido: Thank you for the information about my movie "The Fleet's In" (1942)..Yes, I have tried Ebay and Amazon, and CD Universe, and other sites, but no luck."
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"Thanks Lido, but this is the problem of how our system does not work, I am glad that there is this site where I could tell how upset I am, this has gotten to me to where I cannot sleep just thinking of this monster, my grandchildren trained at Ft. Hood. Thanks again Lido"
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"hi lido let's try it again, i am going to copy and paste and send to yoou also lol. now i think you a very smart person by allyour wize answers. i think your to the point and spunky but not rude, i like that in a person like have humor also and the most important is you know God very well. you walk the walk and talk the talk...and i like that. you and i are around the same age so we have seen it al and not much surprizes least that's how i think..keep the good post coming my friendand God bless you...nanadee"
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"Hi lido i just read one of your post and really liked it i gave a helpful as i have many. You are right to the point on your answers and straightforward, but funny and believe in what you say..I like that. Because you are kind. I just discover that i did not have yoou for a contact and that is sad cause i thought i was. I am learning a little on here and i know that you have help me many times with answers. Thank you and keep up the good and wize posting...God bless you. Nanadee"
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"You very genuinely made my day because God is my whole life and positive words to a man of God can only come from another man of God within this lost world of darkness that through love we try to warn as many possible via His lead of His truths rather than man's deception which results in the blind leading the blind. May God Be With You Always My Brother And My Friend Of Age That I highly Respect. "
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