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I am nice i love soccer my b-ady is the 24th i hate fakes i can be a bitch if you get on my bad side and im pretty hot ( :

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Asked: Sex.

does it feel good when you lick a guys dick?

Answered: Growing Resentment

wow what an asss hole you should like never ever talk to the family againnnnnn

Answered: My boyfriend of 4 years just told his wife ...

i think you should go to where his wife and him are living, ring his doorbell, and slap him across the face.

Answered: Hairstyle

i say you just shave it all off.

Answered: HELP ME (girls answer only

i think you should pick the one you truly love and just try to stay friends with the other guy

Answered: Zack Efron or Robert Pattinson?

Both, but im gonna have to say Zac Efron because he is hotter than Rob by farrrr.

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