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The short version: Good ole Gramma Kate, born in Catholic Ireland, God bless her little green heart : )  tried her best to teach me the stations of the cross .. but alas.. God had OTHER plans for me.   Checked out the Unitarians... lovely people, very altruisitic based, tried on the Agnostic label for a while since  I simply did not know God.. but then God showed up so I couldn't be that anymore <g>.  10 years later Grace stuck and my life was forever changed. Probably the best label to stick on me now is that of Bhakti Yogi.  (Lover of The Divine ONE)  My path is basically Kashmir Saivism.. a most ancient, and very esoteric,  non-dual philosophy.  Probably the most profound teaching  that my path reveals is that ~ God dwells within You AS You. ~ It is a path of Grace dependent on the awakening of one's dormant inner Kundalini / Divine Energy.  * Little secret?  At first I thought the Kundalini was some kind of new pasta shape. <g> Talk about being "out of the loop"!  Turns out NOoooo, it is actually the dormant Divine Energy which exists at the base of the subtle spine.. in all human beings.  But it takes an act of supreme Grace to awaken it.  In that moment I literally REALIZED the True Greatness of One such as Jesus. Such a one is unfathomable to the finite mind. Without this direct awakening of Grace there can be no true understanding of who God is OR who we are.  ~  ~   ~

Suggested readings: PLAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS by S. Muktananda

COURAGE AND CONTENTMENT by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

THE SACRED POWER ~ A seeker's Guide to Kundalini~   by Swami Kripananda

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The Mind can take one to heaven or to hell in a hand basket Hell is just like any other "locataion" it is a 'real' experience of the Mind and so can be as real as Heaven or this current "earth ...

Answered: Metaphysical meanings what is the meaning of ...

I would say that Grace is the ACTIVE power of "God" / Divine Consciousness, THAT which is able to reveal our True SELF to us. Grace is what makes SELF Realization possible.... otherwise the mind ...

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Some thoughts concerning the sins of Adam and Eve: One might ( if they are able) consider for a moment that Adam actually IS "Eve", just as everyone in our own dreams is a product of our own mind ...

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The question: Is spiritual awakening the same as enlightenment? How to tell that someone who said that he has got spiritual enlightenment is really enlightened? FR: NOTE: to better clarify my ...

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Hi All ... A few days back someone ... AN? made a comment about a quote from the bible which brings up a really important issue... that of UNDERSTANDING. The quote was ~ I AM The ONE and The Way ...

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& & & FR on True Freedom Cont..... Being under the influence of the 'false' ego is much like someone caught up in a dream ... where they try so hard to run ...

Answered: Best Religion

& & & FR on True Freedom Cont..... Being under the influence of the 'false' ego is much like someone caught up in a dream ... where they try so hard to run from a ...

Answered: Best Religion

On the subject of Spiritual Freedom..... FR: It IS the most difficult thing, to show the ego veiled mind that it is trapped and not free at all. Having fallen under the influence of the ...

Answered: Best Religion reference to MikeC's post: Mike says... Faith, You do have the mind of humanity. FR: Do I? How can you be sure? The mind touched by Grace, that lifts the veil, is no longer ...

Answered: What to do when you are ostracised at church?

consider that it may be "God" telling you to leave there and find a different church or spiritual path. Eventualy we need to evolve.... spiritualy speaking. Follow your Heart.. listen to that still ...



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