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Answered: How to find out if someones marriage commission is ...

For investigative purposes. For those who are looking to do this type of investigation, it is often necessary to provide as much information as possible and to find a professional to help you on this ...

Answered: What do I do if vital records has no record of ...

There are certain original copies of certificate of marriage in every court of a particular place or county to where the marriage had happened. You can look up to a copy of your marriage certificate ...

Answered: How to check whether he is married or not?

Hi, checking out this site will be of great help to you. Search if someone is already married or not. Marriage Public Records

Answered: Steven spinek marital status?

check it out here, Marriage Public Records You'll surely find it very helpful.

Answered: Uphold Family Tree

hi, try to visit this link, it could be of great help... Marriage Public Records

Answered: Is he married or in serious relationship?

Hi, if you want to make sure on his status, you may check it out yourself, all you have to do is to provide his complete name. Marriage Public Records

Answered: 5 y/o Raped at McDonald's: Where Were Her Parents?

Because there's a lot of opportunity for that 13yr old boy to do that, he could easily bring that girl to rest room, who would think that this girl would be raped? I myself might think that they were ...

Answered: As I cracked an egg into the frying pan this ...

Yes maybe a part chick and a part egg, they eat that in philippines, they call it Balut. So you probably got "balut" not Egg.

Answered: Do you think i could model?

with your height, considering your age, yes absolutely you can be a model! But be extra careful with people you are dealing with.


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