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Hi, I write for Under Eye Treatment Reviews site, to help other women by providing very informative articles, product reviews, & tip that specifically for them.

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Answered: Self Esteem

Be fit so that you will feel good all the time . Exercise, diet and be happy.

Commented: About Claire's answer

I'm happy that I found vanishee eye cream. Now I'm free from eye bags. By the way, Thank you for your tips. I really appreciate it.

Answered: Who can tell me how to put on makeup the cosplay?

step 1: Preparing the skin Step 2: Cleansing Step 3: Conceal Step 4: Eye Make up Step 5: Liquid foundation Step 6: Powder foundation Step 7: Doing your Lips

Asked: Home remedies to get rid eye bags

Among the best home remedies that can be done to eliminate those ugly eye bags. What is effective?

Answered: Men's hair

For me nothing wrong to have a long hair. But I preferred men that have clean cut.

Answered: How do we get rid of head lice from our hair and ...

Use specific shampoo that can get rid your lice. You can find it in a drug store. Then learn on how to taken care you hair by changing your shampoo and wash your hair frequently.

Answered: How long is recovery for a 63 year man?

Its depends on how his body react on the treatment. Me i know his condition?

Answered: orange fruit and rice cream with honey ...

Oh really. Good to know. Is this safe to all skin type?


I want to get rid my dark circles which is best cream do you think VANISHÉE or DERMAVEXIN ?

Answered: Do my breasts look a little saggy in this pic?

A little bit yes. I think you have to choose nice fit bra to prevent sagging.

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