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Answered: Funeral home makeup art

Generally, the mortuary will handle all of that. However, I see by your topic that perhaps this is for a theatrical performance? If so, why not just contact a mortuary in your area and ask to speak to ...

Answered: Irish tartans--where do I find the weaving ...

Are you a member of ? If not, you might look into that site; they have a forum where you might find someone who can steer you in the right direction. They also have a 'Contact Us ...

Answered: Who makes these decisions?????

I think that not every school in the United States has decided not to teach cursive. Furthermore, I think that children who are not being taught cursive in school can certainly learn it at home, from ...

Answered: How true it is that october is..

I'll let you know on November 1, 2012. P.S. Do you have any property or money in the bank?

Answered: Do you think she hates me?

I think she is angry with you. She is angry with you and your refusal to let her alone and let her just be mad means that you are only adding fuel to her fire. So whatever you did, it must have been ...

Answered: Where can I buy Monkey Snacks? In or near Santa Fe ...

If you mean snacks for your kids, here is a link to the Funkey Monkey Snacks website. You should be able to find 'where to buy' information there; if you cannot, use the 'Contact Us' link to connect ...

Answered: Safety of intimacy during pregnancy

Take him to your next appointment and let your obstetrician smack him upside the head! And here's a site which has a 'forum' section with all kinds of questions and answers relating to pregnancy ...


The link you provided is valid. Is it not what you want? What you wrote isn't much of a question; what is it you're trying to ask? Please use the 'Edit' function to rewrite your original question so ...

Answered: Rodmakers calif looking for adress or phone no for ...

Kunnan Rods seems to have closed up shop. You can still find Kunnan rods available for sale, though. Check eBay, Amazon and fishing-related web sites; there seem to be a fair number of Kunnan rods ...

Answered: Pvt william a shook

What is it you are wanting to know, James? Are you trying to find out if he was a friend of your father's and can perhaps share memories with you? Do you suspect he was romantically involved with your ...

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