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Answered: My 19 child got a ticket for underage comsumption ...

Getting a lawyer may or may not help, but I would get one to be on the safe side.

Answered: Sexual abuse

You have to supply more information. Also, try posting your question at

Answered: The jury did NOT follow Judges instructions!

Try and find the best appellate attorney out there. It doesn't look good.

Answered: HOA and Unreasonable Fine

HOA law is and always has been a grey area. I would look to find an attorney or perhaps post your question at

Answered: Is a lawyer in florida who does not show up for a ...

I would contact the Florida Bar Association and report the attorney.

Answered: Is there any common difference between the ...

Remember the tv shows, "The Defense Rests" ala a defense attorney.

Answered: In what situations would you hear someone say ...

Plus isn't the term "You'll being hearing from my lawyer?"

Answered: Airplane lawyers

I think he is asking if there are lawyers that specialize in airplane injuries or accidents. I am sure there are.

Answered: What lawyer does the most divorces in las vegas

Why do you ask? This would not be an easy answer to obtain.


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