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Asked: Dialect Coach?

Is there anyone out there who can teach me how to do a Brooklyn accent? It's for an audition, and I need help, FAST! RESPOND ASAP!

Asked: Where Can I Find Muted Colored Clothing?

Does anyone know where I can find/buy clothing with muted colors? You know, like these colors? I'm having A LOT of trouble finding some. (ON THE INTERNET OF ...

Asked: Agencies in Washington D.C?

Does anyone know of any reliable (preferably theatrical) agencies located in Washington D.C.? What I mean by reliable is, places that aren't scams, like John Robert Powers, that only make money when ...

Asked: How to "Sing Through Teeth"? (Belting)

I've been wondering how to belt safely for a while now, and after looking at a few answers, I saw people telling you to "sing through your teeth"? ...How exactly would I do that? I don't understand ...

Asked: Contacting The Kane Show

Does anyone know how to contact the Kane Show, (Hot 99.5) besides phoning in? Like e-mail and stuff like that? I can't find anything! IT'S URGENT! D:

Asked: Making an Audition Tape: Any Advice? :)

I am planning on making an audition tape for a TV show. It requires singing, dancing, and, of course, acting. I am beginning to take vocal lessons, I am taking theater classes at school, but have ...

Commented: About Andy Ritch's answer (This answer is not available)

That's really interesting! :O I'm curious, how would knowing what an orange smells like help in pretending to be an orange?

Asked: Ability to play an instrument, beneficial to ...

Can learning to play an instrument help with getting an acting career? Like, if they ask for experience and other things on a resume, would knowing how to play an instrument be beneficial?

Answered: How to Look Older? (please reply, ASAP!)

OH YEAH! I forgot to add that this is for an audition for a play. There are no teens in the play.

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