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"I've heard you're a low down yankee liar!"

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Asked: Gary yours is best answer

Gary I wanted to give you best answer. I dont know why JKgrandmas is chosen as best answer. Yours is

Asked: Thanks for taking the time to answer. My ...

Thanks for taking the time to answer. My sister did not get it filled as the pharmacist took the script. I guess the big question is, do you think the pharmacist called my new doctor. I know for ...

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Jen-Jen says:
"gary999, Thank you for your kind words to me in your PM. I enjoy nice people like you around. "
Catbout2 says:
"Thank you, that's very nice of you to do so. "
Zeetia says:
"Thanking you kindly for your help,and yes she does try to crack on to husbands in front of their wives.Have a great evening."
kajal2511 says:
"thanks for ur help"
sheila1 says:
"thanks for the comment it really helps but he is really faithful to me and if I cheat I feel really guilty but I going to start back dating thanking you i'm only 26 to his 35! thanks "
~Jada~ says:
"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"